Saturday, January 14, 2017

New supplies : Pretty and cheap

I know what I like to use regularly in my art so I don't spend as much on supplies as I used to. I'm forever on the lookout for things to use though, especially in unexpected places. Over Christmas I was in our new Bed, Bath and Beyond shop and found these beautiful serviettes
Only 2 ply (useful for arting - one less layer to remove) and only $2.50 per pack of 20!
My word for 2017 is SHINE, and I was shopping in Warehouse stationery soon after that decision and so my eye was drawn to the following....all on special - meant to be ;-)
Click on the photo to see it larger - the small container holds glittery tapes.
Note the word SHINE in the right stencil. 
Recently I've become interested in Oracle/Tarot cards - not for divination, but as inspiring works of art that can be used as a tool for self-reflection and intuition - helping me figure out what my heart is telling me.
This page was created in Life Book 2016  HERE.
I first started thinking about Oracle/Tarot cards for art with Effy Wild. She pulls a Tarot card every Book of Days session not as a means of prognostication but using them as a mirror - what do our responses to the card tell us about our inner landscape? You are checking in with your soul to see what is reflected back to you via the cards. I like what Susannah Conway says about their creative use HERE : they can help us access thoughts and feelings that we might not have been consciously aware of. The following are all available at Book Depository (free postage anywhere in the world)
Aren't they lovely?
And not an art supply but artful looking and also making me happy - a new iPhone case and only cost $17 including postage :-)
If you're interested in where I shop for supplies in New Zealand, I updated this link last month and it's always available up there on top right beneath my profile. Happy shopping


  1. Great finds and it's so true: once you know what you like and find useful, it's much easier and cheaper to choose the right supplies. I bought way too much stuff in the first year that I never used. Loving those vintage oracle cards - on my wishlist!

  2. One set of my Tarot arrived (the Dreaming Way) and I soooo love them. Need time to get to know the pack. I am expecting the other 2 any day now - the Vintage Oracle was also first on my wishlist. My girlfriend has it and I wanted it immediately!


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