Friday, January 6, 2017

Art and other Bliss.

Hi everyone - welcome my new followers - makes me so happy to see you there ♥ I have just had a couple of fantastic days away with a friend at the beach and making art. A perfect way to spend a couple of my holiday days...My friend is a fellow quilter who has enjoyed seeing my art journal pages and cards and wanted to have a go. So I loaded up my supplies and headed off to meet her for an overnight stay at the beach
She looked at my art journal to decide what she wanted to do and was immediately inspired by the colours of this journal page (seen in the background) so we launched forth
We talked about stenciling, layering and how to apply paper serviettes. We made some progress and then needed a beach break. We were in walking distance
and it was a gorgeous day if a bit breezy
Didn't take long for the shoes to come off
♥♥♥BLISS ♥♥♥
Had the beach almost to ourselves
Then it was time to create some more art....some progress photos from my friend : 
from me
These needed shine!
Then we had a lovely dinner (so spoilt - didn't have to decide what to have or cook it!) and another walk on the beach in the evening 
More SHINE and we came across this - I PROMISE I didn't set this up ♥
The heart stone stayed on the beach, but these other finds came home with me
We worked on our cards again until late into the night, and next day finished up. These are mine (close up further down the post)
and my friend's 
- we used baby wipes to clean off stencils at the end so we each have 3 more of those lovely leaf design bases at bottom right of the photo to finish up later. Stencils stained with the beautiful colours we used ♥
Close-ups of my cards. They are mostly almost finished - most will receive a bit of stitching and special found text added to the front as I find occasion for their use.
Click on any photo to see them larger - these first are the finished set that featured the grey with metallic pen detailing earlier in the post
And these are perhaps my favourite - as they begun : 
Hard to photograh the gorgeous shine of the iridescent paint so this is another angle
Hope there weren't too many beach photos for you...which card is your fav?


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Fantastic beach photos - makes me a bit envious - we've got freezing weather here in the middle of January! Love all those cards you created with your friend - what a marathon session it must have been!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Not as warm as I'd have liked, but can't complain 😉
Gorgeous arting session with my friend - so much can be acheived when you are happy doing it.
Have a great weekend

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