Sunday, October 20, 2019

Believe in Magic

Another journal spread at last. I've been busy since I last shared with you. Will go into detail in my October monthly review but believe me, I haven't been idle!  This spread began by challenging myself to scrape on some colours that are not my usual
Then I felt moved to add some feather stencils in gold
Another several days passed wondering what I wanted next... I decided to try Effy's latest lesson in Moonshine - creating a 'lip up' face
and then I quickly moved on to adding more stencils around 
I sprayed her face with workable fixative to set the Stabilo pencil. Once dry, I was ready to start adding colour - I'm liking the dappled evening feel and think that apart from her face we'll just need some white/light highlights and words to be done. Let's see if that happens. First I needed more gold stenciling to blend out those hard lines of dark blue... which in turn led to gold highlights on those feathers (click on any photo to see it larger)
The dragonfly and words came to me next
Then the face....I've not tried to make her perfect. She's a bit raw - a bit fierce ♥
Once again I love all the stencil layers and textures. Although I tried to start in a different place with my colours, somehow she ended up back in my comfort zone. I guess that's my own style coming through. And here's the finished spread
The photo really doesn't pick up all the gorgeous glimmer from the gold - it glows over the dark behind it. Wishing you a creative and happy week. If you want to see the rest of my art in this altered book, check out my Flickr Album.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Book of Days : Texture love

Inspired by this month's lesson by Cristin Chambers in Book of Days this spread began with luscious modeling paste texture spread through stencils
I added my own style of face next (very influenced by Effy Wild's teaching) using a Stabilo All pencil with a combination of blending stump and water. Remember this is VERY water reactive so needed to spray with fixative before moving on
Although what I create is way different than Cristin, I love her style of teaching and enjoyed using inks around the page next
OMG the texture! Click on any photo to see it larger
Next day more stenciling in different colours - need to add more darks/lights for contrast but I'm feeling really happy with the direction this is taking
I love taking process photos so I can also see her face changing as layers are added ♥
Loving her. Thinking about what to add on the left, to add dark, and thinking about my style and wanting to include a NZ something led to the dark fern stencil
then repeating that colour a bit in the background before adding the stars
which led back to the star in her hair...and the found words came last. I think she is my favourite spread in my art journal this year ♥
You can still join us in Book of Days 2019 HERE and check out what's happening in 2020 HERE (excited!)

Friday, October 4, 2019

#arteveryday OR Finding time to create

Many people comment on how much I create. Sometimes I am surprised by that because I don't feel like I spend enough time and I don't have as many completed things to share as I would like! Keeping the blog going helps to motivate so I have something to post about and my monthly reviews remind me that I do more than I realise. Really my art practice is a combination of being able to leave things out in my studio (so blessed to have this space), of doing a little often...and I'm not much concerned with housework ;-) I work 25-30 hours a week and have school holidays off so that all helps, but I really believe that if you want to be creative you have to make that a priority. Read my original blog post about finding time to create HERE. I talk in quite a bit of detail about micro-movements = doing 15 minutes a day soon adds up. In this post in March, I shared how I went from background
to completed spread
in 7 days. Must try that again! 
The other thing that helps my art practice is taking a photo as a record to make sure I  #arteveryday. This gives me an incentive to have something to photograph and sometimes I pop some paint down on a background in the evening just to have done something - and that's a start for a new project. I began this practice back in November last year  and I am now Week 42! If you go to that November link you'll see micro-movements in action. My practice has evolved as I've got busier taking on more work hours and I recognise there are many different ways to be creative - Creating blogposts count, as does shopping for supplies, watching lessons, preparing for school quilt club, and sometimes it just doesn't happen....I thought I'd share a few examples of weeks here to hopefully inspire you. Not sharing holidays cos they're not a reflection of my usual busy. And if you want to see all my posts on this topic click on the label below this post. Click on any photo to see it larger.
Week 17 :
Week 35 :
Week 40 :
How can you fit more creativity into your week or into this weekend? Happy FriYAY

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Any Occasion Cards

I love making cards and I haven't done a batch for a while. My go-to supplies are using serviettes, stencils, and sari ribbon with machine stitching. Mostly I finish with some found words. This first was recently made for a bereavement
I had a few birthdays that I wanted to make cards for recently and one of my friends had asked if I would ever make cards with my art on them. I have done this previously, so was happy to be reminded. I printed some of my faces onto photo paper and that gave me a few easy options. 
When I was preparing for my stencil class I had a wee play with spray and printing and got these bases made
Not long after I needed to make another birthday card : 
Unfortunately I'd forgotten how reactive to wet media the dylusions spray is. I think it looks okay now finished but you can see where it blended where I didn't intend when I initially glued down the serviette. The rest of the batch got a spray of workable fixative before I decided next steps.
As it turned out, I used stickers next. Aren't they pretty? And I still had some of my own art printed from before, so I decided I'd stick them down too. 
The butterfly addition was inspired by the other butterflies on the stenciled cards. The next night it was time to be inspired by gorgeous sari ribbon and my sewing machine
I decided that in fact these cards are ready to stash as ready for the next occasion. All they need are some found words to be finished.
I can add whimsy, or birthday greetings - these words are not glued down. I have yet to decide how they will be completed
I threaded my machine with different cotton, and the remaining faces got some sari ribbon and stitch treatment 
I really love how I now have a stash of cards that can still be personalised when I have a specific need.These hopefully will keep me going until I'm ready to make my Christmas batch

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The rest of me in September and continuing inspiration

If you're interested in seeing the art I've completed this past month, scroll back through my previous posts. I am particularly pleased to see how my Klimt in the garden with Rumi art cards are shaping up to be a connected series. I have completed 12 cards so far this year with another 3 prompts to go. 
At my work our whole school had a dress up day to celebrate our Founder's Day 
and I couldn't resist this pose since I'm not usually a shussing librarian! ;-)
I had a wonderful relaxing weekend away to Raumati beach with a group of girlfriends - highly recommended
Inspiration has come in the form of new supplies : 
Who knew Mitre 10 had some cool stencils?!
Loving "40% off any item" vouchers (Left - Spotlight now have some Liquitex products. Right - Warehouse stationery - been looking for a good Red) 
and spending some of my gift card with careful consideration....I still have money left. Landscape colours look awfully like great skin and eye colours to me ♥
These gorgeous oracle cards were lovingly gifted to me : 
Find the artist's blog HERE and her FB page HERE.
FINALLY Tam's new book arrived at my house. Happy to report it is lovely both with regard to style development advice and also the art projects.
I've also been creatively inspired by watching some of the lessons in the FREE Life Book Summit for 2019 16-30 September. Access has been EXTENDED UNTIL 7 OCTOBER - I believe you can still sign up HERE.
I started my new Inner work journal this month. 
I am continuing to focus on intentions rather than a check list of 'to do'. This journal contains my written practice and is evolving as I do - often I find this business of "writing things out" either in response to prompts or tarot or oracle card pulls leads me to personal insights and clarity. I've been doing less writing lately, but I still do a daily journal record and am thinking about how that practice might look next year. I began with shopping for a new hard-covered book and was drawn to purchase the mandala stencil at the same time
Used a cosmetic sponge to put gesso through the stencil onto the cover (dab on and off then pounce)
and once dry I sprayed the entire front cover with a Matte Varnish to seal and protect. I love the simplicity of it.
Looking ahead to October : the first 2 weeks is school hols. YAY. I am going into work for limited hours on only a few days so hoping that I'll have more time to be creative.
I cannot wait to go to the World of Wearable Art show in Wellington to finish my holidays. 
Check out the award winners HERE. I am not looking at them all until I've been to the show. 
In other news, it's far too cold for October today - I want to be swapping my winter woollies out for spring blouses....everything crossed that's something I don't have to wait until November to enjoy! Wishing you warmth with plenty of creative time at your house this coming month.
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