Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Photo mosaics of my year

This is my 2013 year in photo form - a mix of creativity and family fun. Click on any to see them larger, and make your own photo mosaics here.
Wishing you, and everyone you love, happiness in 2014.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Daily week 4

I'm doing the December Daily project inspired by Ali Edwards, but my project is in this altered book.
This is week 4 at my house. Click on any photo to see it larger.
more than one page for Christmas Day celebrations :-)
My December daily is for the entire month, so I'm not stopping at the 25th.
Only a few pages left to go until the end of December. See my other postings about this project here

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cheap and Free Online art classes

THIS POST WAS UPDATED 30th January 2018. All links checked and correct then.

Cheap (up to US$25) and free online art (mainly journal) class options available. Listed by cost and then alphabetically by artist.  You can always get to here by clicking on the link top right side bar with date last updated.
Creative Bug a 14-day free trial, including access to over 700 classes and 1 class to keep forever - $4.95 per month. Other time subscriptions available.
The Artstronauts club - created by Teesha and Tracy Moore$5 subscription per monthOther time subscriptions available. Note Teesha has had complications with her stroke over the last couple of months so Tracy updating content but not as regularly at present. 
Journal 52 : 2 options for pricing in 2018 : $5 per month, or class format of US$26 for year. Read more HERE.
Alisa Burke : MICRO CLASSES. These classes cost $15 each (or bundled together even cheaper) and Alisa describes them as 1 HUGE lesson that includes videos, photos, written information, prompts and more. These are just some examples :
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer : $15 Getting Started Series - 12 class topics
Brave Girl University - access to everything for $24.95 per month
Although this would be classed as expensive if you kept going for the whole year, I'm thinking this would be fun if you had some time off where you committed to staying home and playing instead of going away on holiday. There's a 90 second YouTube video introducing it HERE.
These next ones are FREE! - organised alphabetically by first name of Artist or project title
Alisa Burke : Finding your Muse. Seeking inspiration off the computer and in your world.
and Holiday Play. A class to get you inspired to get you creative in all kinds of ways in the holiday season.
Allyson Bright : Determined to Shine 30 days of art journaling FREE 30-day class designed to help you discover and celebrate the things that make YOUR life unique and meaningful. Receive a new art journaling prompt and page idea via email every day for 30 days.

Andrea Schroeder : a bunch of free stuff at the Creative Dream Incubator
Carolyn Dube : Permission to Play : This is a 5 lesson workshop with each new video lesson coming out every 3 days. 
Craftsy : Painting realistic protraits in acrylics. Includes guide for mixing primary colours of acrylic paints to make flesh tones.
Daisy Yellow (Tam) : Prompt 60 Index HERE.
Draw your words : A hand-lettering workshop - no charge but you can add to her Tip Jar {minimum $5} and also gain access to the private FB group with extra content, discussion, Q&A and tips. 
Dirty Footprints Studio : Art Journal Wisdom
Documented Life Project - not being continued by the original artists but you could do the original 2014 planner project again. All the prompts are HERE with links to all the original blog posts so you can do this weekly whichever year you're in
All the prompts for 2015 (in a large Dylusions journal) are also free and available HERE.
There was no free access in 2016, but in 2017 there was a blog of prompts to continue the concept but not linked to the original creators HERE, and the FB group is Life Documented 2017. 2018 will continue - details to come.
Effy Wild : Book of Days Boot Camp - subscribe to Effy's newsletter and get Boot Camp Free HERE. You also get access to alumni pricing for all her other courses if you sign up for Boot Camp!
Containing hours and hours of video instruction, PDFs, and other resources. This is a complete beginners workshop in art journaling, and includes the Effydori, Ultimate Notebook, and other bonuses to see you through the process of creating and filling an art journal of your own. The workshop used to contain four chapters, but it now contains six plus bonuses!
Succulent Stacks : also available if you subscribe to Effy's Newsletter.
Effy Wild will walk you through the process of creating a rich, complex, layered art journal spread that requires no drawing using stuff leftover on your painty table. You will also learn how to tip your finished spread into an already existing journal.
To See Us Through : Sign up HERE
Comfort and support over the long winter months (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) or something to do indoors and out of the blazing heat (if you live in the Southern Hemisphere).This will give you a taste of Effy's style of teaching - includes a couple of tutorials "Book of Days" style, as well as prompts for December and looking forward to 2018. 
Find Out Fridays : on Donna Downey's blog HERE. Artist include Jodi Ohl, Alena Hennessy, Lynn Whipple, Tamara Laporte, Jane Davenport, Mindy Lacefield.....
Each Friday beginning September 2, 2016 = a New video of an artist working with that months box of supplies. Last one seems to be September 2017.
Hali Karla : Go HERE - Join her members' list to get access to her 2 free e-courses :
Ivy Newport : A number of free tutorials combining mixed media and encaustic techniques HERE. This is just one example : 
Jane Davenport : a FREE video series workshop to share fun ways to use everything in her new mixed media collection.
All the info to sign up is HERE
Jen Morris : Be your own valentine - the self-love kit
self love kit cover page
Create your magical year
Promo image 2018
Creative Journaling Toolkit 
 The Creative Journaling Toolkit Header Extra Wide
Joanne Sharpe : Five Golden Letterings 
and if you own Joanne's "Whimsical Lettering" book (book depository free postage), you can have access to a FREE Mini class with her.
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer : Stencil 101 
Lisa Sonora Beam : 30 day journal project 
No details yet of what she's doing in 2018 but you can get previous year's prompts for US$12 instant download printables.
Roben-Marie Smith : Charming Challenge
Every Monday (January 1 - June 25) make an affirmation word charm that co-ordinates with each letter of the alphabet. Decorate an Altoids Tin or something like it to store them in. You can also make a changeable necklace for the charms. Also available, a mini workshop to make the charming box and necklace US$15
Soul Journey 2018
A year long FREE mixed media course with some of the WORLD's most amazing teachers : two artists per month sharing with you their art, talent and inspiration. Once a week Annette Poacher, Elisa Ablett, Tanya Froud or Deena Otway (the group hostesses) will also share with you a tutorial. These tutorials are based around a quote/saying that we are calling soul starters. At the end of your journey you will have 52 cards that offer positivity, uplift your soul and give you something tangible to look through and connect with. The class is run in a FB group which you join HERE. These are the teachers : 
Strathmore Workshops. Info for 2018 HEREbegin March and available from launch date until end of December 2018. 
Strathmore have loaded some of the videos from previous years to their YouTube.
Susannah Conway : FREE 5-day email class to help you figure out your word of the year go HERE 
and the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook HERE
If you sign up for Susannah's Love Letters (emails) you also get access to her free inspiration library - she describes her offerings as : On this secret page I’ve collected together ebooks to inspire you, meditations to ground and centre you, and desktop wallpapers that turn your computer into a contemplative space. 
Terri Kahrs : I Have a Secret journal workshop 
The entire workshop from 21 Secrets 2013 - all of the original class PDF's, templates and images so you can make your own journal -  all10 videos available on YouTube.
Tiare Smith : A creative "I feel positively" prompt released every week for the whole year. 
Go for the Free challenge (creative prompt and sneak peek of her journal every Monday) or classroom style (US$25). All details HERE.
Willowing : Art, Heart & Healing 
Tam also has free tutorials with videos on her website.

I keep updating this list so please let me know if I've missed anything :-)
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