Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Journal 52 : Week 52!

Journal 52 is a weekly prompt from Effy Wild 
that I've been creating on a deck of jumbo playing cards 3.5'' x 4.75'' (8.5 x 12 cm) all yearEach card will include stitch, a found word, and be inspired by the project I've been working on that week or what's lying leftover on my work table. 
See the original post HERESo proud of myself for making all 52 cards.
#52 : Beloved I've been clearing my art space and sticking up new inspirations. I had peeled off this washi tape and although it's got some paper on the back it's too good not to re-use with some gel medium.
I adore tapa and pink so this was my inspiration.
I enjoy the subtle beauty of modeling paste through the stencil. And a butterfly had to be included. This isn't quite my final post for this project. I will decorate the box that I have to hold these and then I'll share a flip through of them all. Find all my Journal 52 posts HERE.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Free Online art classes

I decided that it would be useful to give my list of Free online art classes (originally posted in 2013) a complete overhaul for our use in 2021. I'll continue to update it if you let me know of resources I've missed and you can always get here by clicking on the top right link below my profile. I'll also share any new inspirations via new blog posts. See the latest free offerings by clicking HERE.
Alisa Burke : Finding your Muse. Seeking inspiration off the computer and in your world.
Holiday Play. A class to get you inspired to get you creative in all kinds of ways in the holiday season.
Alisa is giving discounts on many classes during the pandemic and you can get lots for only US$15. Check out all her offerings HERE
Brandi Dayton : 2 free workshops offered after her son's death. 
6 free lessons by Brandi The birds and the bees
18 lessons : Brandi and a variety of other artists. The below image is from Toni Burt's lesson. A thing called love.
Carolyn Dube : Permission to Play : This is a 5 lesson workshop with each new video lesson coming out every 3 days. 
Daisy Yellow (Tam) : Prompt 60 Index HERE.
Draw your words : A hand-lettering workshop - no charge but you can add to her Tip Jar {minimum $5} and also gain access to the private FB group with extra content, discussion, Q&A and tips. 
Documented Life Project - documenting daily with weekly prompts - blog HERE, FB group HERE. This continues in 2021 and links remain the same. You can also scroll back through previous years' prompts.
Effy Wild : a full art journal lesson - Go HERE.
Join Effy's FB group The Wilderhood and have access to free lives and lots of sharing of other free art offerings.
Everthing Art : I've done a few free offerings with Kasia Avery but they are often only available for a limited time. See all the current courses including free options HERE, plus sign up to their newsletter HERE to keep up with new resources and offerings as they happen. 
Ivy Newport : A number of free tutorials combining mixed media and encaustic techniques HERE.
Also get her free Art Journal Box Lesson HERE - used to decorate this journal cover : 
Jeanne Oliver : Free online class links HERE
She is offering a new free series called Rhythms + Rituals in January 2021
Jenny Grant : Free inspiration HERE.
Kara Bullock : Free art tutorials HERE - like below and also using charcoal
Katrina Koltes : free tutorials HERE.
Laly Mille : free 5-day workshop about supplies HERE
Laura Horn Art : Free resources HERE.
Marieke Blokland
Art journal school 
Marit Barentsen : Quirky Dutch Summer Ten weeks during the Summer, ten blog posts that are like the Dutch Summer itself: quirky! There is only one general theme: inspiration! The posts can focus on a certain technique, handle a certain topic but you will also find fully elaborated tutorials! You can basically just see the series as a free – 10 week – ‘summer art school’. The link will take you to posts from 2019 and previous years.
Melanie Rivers : Free Resources Including mixed media lessons with emphasis on faces, curated Unsplash images for portrait inspiration, and self-compassion resources.
Roben-Marie Smith : Urban Journal Remix
and Transitions Journal
Strathmore Workshops 2021. All the information HERE
First one starts March and they are available for the year until December 31. You can check out their video lessons from previous years via their YouTube.
Susannah Conway : workbook to help you Unravel Your Year
and a lovely 5-day email course to Find Your Word for 2021
Terri Kahrs : I Have a Secret journal workshop - all 10 videos available on YouTube.
The entire workshop from 21 Secrets 2013 - all of the original class PDF's, templates and images so you can make your own journal.
Tiare Smith : 
Sign up for her free tutorials HERE
Toni Burt : free Face lessons on her site HERE. Latest uploaded March : 
Tracy Verdugo : Abstract Approaches

Stories of a She-Tribe

WillowingTam has created a page with links to free resources while staying at home HERE.  
It's worth signing up to her newsletter on this page for lovely free offers and general inspiration.
With warm wishes for a creative 2021 💜

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Journal 52 : Week 51

Journal 52 is a weekly prompt from Effy Wild (Free HEREthat I'm creating on a deck of jumbo playing cards 3.5'' x 4.75'' (8.5 x 12 cm)Each card will include stitch, a found word, and be inspired by the project I've been working on that week or what's lying leftover on my work table. See the original post HERE
#51 : Cleanse Time to let go of what no longer serves to make way for new intentions. Inspired to create the collaged base at the same time as the wedding card in the previous post. Blue and gold to symbolise water and the promise of new ways to shine
Find all my Journal 52 posts HERE. The last one will be next week!
Merry Merry

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wedding Quilt

Some very dear friends of mine got married this month. Their wedding breakfast was a picnic, so I made them a small quilt they can use for future picnics 
I wanted to include daisies, bees and tea bags
It looks large here but is only 1.4m square. Red for love and Yellow for Joy. I was thrilled when I saw her dress and bouquet 💛 

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Journal 52 : Week 50

Journal 52 is a weekly prompt from Effy Wild (Free HEREthat I'm creating on a deck of jumbo playing cards 3.5'' x 4.75'' (8.5 x 12 cm)Each card will include stitch, a found word, and be inspired by the project I've been working on that week or what's lying leftover on my work table. See the original post HERE
#50 : Manifest Very appropriate right now as I think about what my intentions will be for 2021. What do I want to intentionally create? Inspired by a new stencil from Stencil Girl by Carol Weibe called Sacred Feminine
I'm thinking about my word for next year, and while I'm not there yet I feel like it's going to be about healing, digging deeper, nurturing, and definitely inner work. Spirals 
represent evolution and growth of the spirit and our never ending journey of knowledge. 
Find all my Journal 52 posts HERE

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Creative focus for 2021

I've been much less productive than I'd like for the last couple of months as I was consumed by work commitments. I know that November-December is always stressful and overwhelming, but it was made more so this year by not having my usual reserves of energy. I am therefore especially grateful that I have started my Summer holidays today! I now have time to create, and rest, spend time with my family and friends, and recharge from now until the end of January. After a very tough year I am counting my blessings, and thought I'd share what I'm looking forward to creatively over the next few weeks and into 2021. I'll be closing my year and finding my word using the free offerings I shared HERE.
And there are a couple of new ones to share this week : I'll be exploring some of Ivy Newport's free lessons in her 12 days of creativity : FREE videos, creative inspiration and discounted classes :
I never do watch all the lesson from Amber's online retreats, but I always find something I enjoy. Tamara Laporte and Kiala Givehand are 2 names you might recognise who are offering sessions.
Sign up here - begins 20 December.
And looking ahead to classes for 2021
I am already joined up for Wanderlust 2021 since I got in quick with the special US$99 pricing. You can still join HERE but it's now US$175 and only available to purchase until 31 December 2020. I've never done this before and I am looking forward to learning from some new teachers and getting a new class for inspiration every week. 
I purchased Kaleidoscope 2020 and didn't manage to do much with it this year so will be making time for that over my Christmas holidays and hopefully beyond. I've watched a few lessons and it's gorgeous and I'm not at all sorry I signed up, just sorry I didn't have the time and energy to do it with other class participants. Life time access....
I've also got other classes I've purchased in the past which I've never completed - this makes me hesitate over purchasing anything else new EXCEPT that
I have long been a fan of Effy Wild and can't imagine doing a year without some kind of class from her. See her current offerings HERE. In the past I've participated in both Book of Days and Moonshine and much more. For 2021 I've decided to do something a bit different and joined her Patreon - there are several levels and I'm going for the top US$20/month. For this I will get Moonshine : The Cafe (The Lite version of Moonshine 2021)
and A Year of Mary 
which will feature twelve paintings using the ‘lip up’ technique inspired by the poetry of Mary Oliver. This is also available at the $5 (speed painting) or $10 (full length tutorial and PDF) Patreon levels if you just want that. Starting 15th January the below is an Effy example of this technique. 
Bonus - I'll also receive the Darling Human Planner (also available separately from Patreon) which will support my written journaling.
I'm also a member of Effy's Wilderhood FB group which is for students and friends of Effy Wild, including alumni, patrons, etc. 
In 2020 this included Journal 52 prompts, links to Journal Jams and monthly workbooks including daily prompts for written journaling and occasional bonus lessons. 
I also would like to return to a more regular written journaling practice. My Inner Work journal which I began in September 2019 changed a bit this year. While my mixed media work sustained me in my time fighting breast cancer, I found it too challenging to write too much about what was going on. Instead I printed out messages and emails about what was happening in my week
and continued to keep a record of what I was reading and watching each month and the art I had produced over the course of the month
This is a view of my journal from the side - each tab is a month. 
I've purchased a new journal and you'll see I printed a list from the computer that I did when I was still in the thick of work. Also lots of lovely photos to remind me of the highlights of the first couple of weeks of December.
I need to set up this new journal for written journaling. I think I will probably use Susannah Conway's offerings to start this one. 
Only thing I'm not sure of at present is what I'm going to do for mixed media and stitched projects. I'm sure something will come to me at the right time. I need something like Klimt in the garden with Rumi (2019) or the Journal 52 weekly cards I've done this year. Maybe not a weekly commitment though....
I'm getting excited about my plans and I'd love to hear what you're doing creatively in 2021. Hope you are finding ways to make this a special time of year for you, despite the continuing challenges being faced, especially by my overseas readers. Sending you some extra wishes for a safe and joyful season 🌟 
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