Wednesday, August 4, 2021

52 Tags : Week 31

I'm participating in Anne Brooke's weekly Tag challenge. You can view her demo each week on Youtube #52tagshannemade. Week 31 : Bring on the bling ♥ Anne was inspired to use lots of bits of gold. I love stars and had been gifted this double-layered silver butterfly some time ago. Used a bit of batting behind this one so soft to stitch through. Useful reminders of techniques like using a seed bead to attach sequins. And a perfect opportunity to use metallic thread in my machine to attach some of my beloved sari ribbon and that very blingy gold ribbon at the base.
This link will take you to all of my posts about this challenge.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Birthday cards

I've been creating another batch of bases for cards working with collage and colour on watercolour paper. This is really good fun to create base papers that can later be used as collage fodder - you could do this on book paper, sheet music, magazine pages, maps... if you can think of a paper you could add these layers.
Stencil details added then trimmed down ready for further embellishment.
One turned into Tag 24
Here are some turned into cards already gifted - I love to add stitch so I always decorate my feature card and then stitch it on at the end. 
And I recently used another for a paper doll
Really looking forward to using the rest.
Back to work today for me. Happy August to you - hope the sun is shining where you are.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Wanderlust : Texture intrigue

Our next theme in Wanderlust 2021 is Texture. As usual, we started with an inspirational lesson from
Kasia and the following week was with Mystele. Kasia began by asking "What is your favourite texture?" and Mystele shared her favourite materials and applied them to a face. My work is usually very tactile so I knew I would love these lessons and decided to combine them in one spread. 
I started with lace, modeling paste through a stencil, masking tape, scrim, embossed card, recycled paper packaging, drywall joint tape 
and gesso. 
Very hard to restrain myself but my small Dylusions journal meant I had to edit. 
Colour from iridescent paints and some drippage with ink
I was going to add a face (as per Mystele's lesson) when I realised that I had the perfect textured alternative in the form of one of my paper dolls which I shared HERE.
Added some sari ribbon and stitch additions to my figure, and then more texture to my background including metallic leaves, white paint through a circle stencil, some serviette printed with silver stars and found words to finish.
See all my other posts about this class HERE.

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