Thursday, January 16, 2020

Any occasion cards

Time to create another batch of cards to personalise and send as any occasion arises. I decided that I would feature some of my art on the cards and then embellish them with stitched elements.
Step 1 : Copy art to a Word document and re-size to get at least 4 images on an A4 page. Print on sheets of special paper (I used photo paper but have also used 160gsm textured card in the past). Trim and place on card fronts. Don't worry if some don't look great at this stage. Some will already be lovely and may be added to your stash immediately because they probably just need words to finish but I can never resist adding some kind of stitched element.
Step 2 : Add stitch and sari ribbon
Step 3 : Add found words and other stitched elements appropriate to the occasions as they arise. These ones are finished : 
You can see the previous batch using similar techniques HERE.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Book of Days : January with Effy Wild

I am loving all the offerings for January in Book of Days 2020. This next journal page is inspired by Effy's lovely Bloom Lesson (top left)
I don't usually work much with watercolours, but I have worked using them over watercolour ground on my last 3 out of 4 pages in my altered art journal! It started with my whimsical mermaids, then there was my guardian angel in brighter colours and most recently my wish feathers and art cardI really wanted to try out Effy's lesson but last time I tried this technique I borrowed metallic watercolours to go over the black gesso. I want to feel more bright than moody at present, so I've covered my spread with Goldens watercolour ground which goes on white so has the advantage of lightening my page but not fully disguising the background text and I love both of those things.
I used watercolours and then gorgeous iridescent pebeo paints - they are divine. These are just 4 of them, I think I have most of their colours. (purchased in New Zealand at Gordon Harris - just looked up for that link and they are currently on sale....Effy uses these so I think they are also readily available in Northern hemisphere)
Created my blooms and glazed the background
This is my garden of intention so wanted to add some found words.
White doodles change the look of the flowers entirely ♥

I try and use my word of the year often in the art I create at the beginning of the year to really embed it in my consciousness. Here's my Bloom spread complete
Find out more about the collaborative year-long class Book of Days 2020 and join us HERETHIS LINK will take you to all the work I've ever done inspired by Book of Days through the years (I began when I won 6 months of this class in 2016

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Journal 52 : A SMALL weekly project

I always take on a lot in January creatively and wonder what will fall off as the year progresses. I am hoping this isn't one of them since even though I am coming to it a week behind, I have long had the desire to do this.....last year I LOVED my Klimt in the garden with Rumi project. It was small and challenging but oh so rewarding at the end with 15 art cards. I've shared the photo a lot recently, but if you're a new visitor, click HERE.
Effy Wild is once again offering Journal 52 prompts FREE through her Wilderhood FB group and over on her Patreon ($2 a month for this and other content). I have a jumbo deck of playing cards from the $2 shop that have been waiting for this opportunity. They measure 3.5'' x 4.75'' which is larger than a normal Artist Trading card but significantly smaller than my Klimt art cards. 
My friend inspired me with her handmade oracle cards a couple of years ago - they are paper collaged and she glued 2 cards together so they feel wonderfully chunky
If I keep my expectations limited about how much time I spend each week, I should manage this. Each card will include stitch, a found word, and I will try and be inspired by the project I've been working on that week or what's lying leftover on my work table. Since the cards are plastic coated, I will need to apply some kind of ground to them first. And I bought another set so that once each is completed, I can stick a back on for extra chunkiness and to hide any stitching. These are the first 2 prompts for the year (released on a Friday so waiting for me every Saturday).
#1 : Heart. Inspired by my word{s} of the year : Shine with Intention and the colours of green and turquoise. Created on a piece of previously stenciled cardstock which I then sewed to the playing card by machine. This one is finished with a spray gloss varnish because I wanted the Shine and to seal in the black stabilo grungy pencil marks.
#2 : Calm. Inspired by a Book of Days lesson with Rachel Kentish this week. I shared wish feathers inspired by her teaching in my previous post and she provided a bonus lesson which I used for the card inspiration. Began by coating my new card with white gesso and then the watercolour ground...You need to let this dry completely - maybe longer than you think it needs - (ask me how I know!) before applying your watercolour layers. The gold is the Uniball Signo brand. Sprayed with workable fixative since not waterproof. Finished this one by hand-couching pretty thread.
This is really fun seeing 2 done already. Hoping I can share these cards weekly and by the end of the year have 52 in my organza bag ♥
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