Sunday, June 30, 2013

21 Secrets : Book of Me

This project is the result of a few different ideas coming together.
Michelle Ward used to host monthly creative crusades. One of these was called Forensic Self Portrait. She included ideas to capture evidence of yourself in fun form, and even a printable sheet to use. I was particularly taken with Hanna's interpretation of the challenge - she created a mini forensic book. I have had this idea on my to-do list for a long time - the original crusade took place in March 2011!
Cover B
Another 21 Secrets class I knew I wanted to do was Roben-Marie Smith's Baby Got Back-to-Back journal class - you can see the start in the previous post.
View looking down - 2 covers - 2 sets of pages
It's turned out to be a book of me - celebrating all that I am at 46
Here's a few of the pages
To finish off June properly, here's me and my youngest - celebrating birthday month together
That brings us to 1/2 way through the year already.... See you in July!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Play Day

The birthday continues....girlfriends gave such a lovely mix of pretties and more arty fun
Had a play day on Wednesday as another day of celebrating. I started with this piece of art which I created to become book covers
I cut paper, cardboard and my covers
and used my sprays on a variety of paper
I am working towards Roben-Marie Smith's Baby Got Back-to-Back project from 21 Secrets. These are the elements I have so far
For us this weekend is going to continue more birthday celebrations - this time it's a 50th party and my youngest son turns 9. See you again next week

Monday, June 17, 2013

Birthday month

June is Birthday month at our house - my youngest and I share June birthdays, but I also like to spread my birthday over several days/weeks to make the pleasure last! This month I started by having a gorgeous weekend in Wellington. Just my lovely husband & I alone together for 2 nights.
Wonderful cocktail bar : The Library Bar
Richard Ponder's art is stunning in person - vivid colours, gorgeous layers
This last weekend it was my birthday. Had a great day treated to delicious food and this visually wonderful movie.
Loved everything about it. I also thought you might like to see some of my arty gifts
Very inspired. Both of the books are fantastic. Will share more about them when I get a chance to devour them properly! And now I'm off to continue a book project.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little stitching with felt

I completed a project this week :-)
I needed a new case for my sunglasses
I have a small stash of lovely soft felt and was inspired by a stitched gift tags pattern by Cathy Ziegele in this book
I'm so happy with how it turned out
Would make a nice gift - but I'm definitely keeping it. 
Hope you're creating something that makes you happy

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's not nothing!

Sometimes I feel that I'm getting nothing done. Since this blog is about all of me, I thought I would share what's been taking up my time, feeding my creativity, providing enjoyment, and moving me always towards the time when art will happen again.
We got new carpet
 I went on a very special marae visit with my son's class
Inspiring painted panels within the wharenui (meeting house)
The boys did the haka
The girls made poi
And then in that lovely serendipitous way life goes sometimes, I discovered this wonderful resource at the library
I went on a girls' weekend with friends - 8 of us at Raumati with beach walks
and shops of course
Loving my new green fantail ring and small wooden fantail that
keeps me company in my studio 
Gorgeous card from  the NZ company Barking Mad - cos sometimes I need reminding
I've been working some extra hours at the library this last few weeks which has helped to feed my reading habit and will hopefully inspire some creations
And I have managed to snatch a few minutes this week to try out an idea I saw using a paint chip
some white embossing powder
and I'm in the planning stages of making myself a new felt sunglasses case
It may end up featuring a fantail too
Tonight I'm off for a wonderful weekend with my husband - a belated celebration of our wedding anniversary, and anticipation of my birthday later this month.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. You probably need reminding's not nothing
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