Thursday, January 19, 2017

Card making for the men in your life

I make almost every card that I give - and mostly they're pretty with butterflies/flowers etc...Not really good for the men in my life. Here are a few ideas I've used to make cards for men.
Using fabric scraps : 
Hot glue gun 'stencil' for the base and then try and get some serviettes with things like wine glasses, musical instruments, or other appropriate hobbies
Sometimes it's just a matter of keeping it very simple with your colour palette - this was for a friend when he left work
And sometimes lots of texture is what's called for. The background of this was an old encyclopedia page - look for some with technical drawing/flags/or his hobby again. 
I also love using that drywall joint tape for texture on the card - often I sponge through it as well for background colour
And my latest made for my lovely Dad started life a long time ago as a collaged base with gelli printing
then I had a play with stencil cutting and added spray paint
I have just cut an interesting piece out of it and machine stitched it on the front of cardstock base - really like it
Hope there is something there to inspire you to make cards for the men in your life. I have a Flickr album with all the cards I've made HERE.


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

These are really cute - love the ones with the boats the most! So brilliantly simple!

Lynette (NZ) said...

I think they might be my favourites too...need to get the sewing machine out again. An excuse to use up every little scrap!

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