Thursday, January 26, 2017

Just one more journal....

I am feeling really happy about my art journaling practice so far this year. I have an altered book which I am using for my main online art lessons. Read more about that HERE
I have a small Dylusions journal which I am using for a weekly art prompt and noting highlights of my week. See all my posts from that journal HERE
But I felt like I wanted something else....I needed somewhere to write more. My 'daily' journal is too small for all the thoughts I have. Some of the prompts for Ali Edwards' One Little Word 2017 are writing intensive, private, not 'pretty art'. As part of Book of Days there are daily prompts which I would really like to be able to write about as the mood takes me. I found this article which talks about the benefits to be gained from writing in a private journal. I modified it for my own use and printed it out for my new Journal :-) 
I'm calling my new journal Inner Work - it's going to be my self-discovery journal. I was inspired by the concept of a "Sweet Trash Journal" a la Effy Wild. It's a place that's more private than the art journal you share with friends or online and you can capture ALL the stuff...the doodles, event tickets, writing to explore your feelings, a place to store quotes and photographs. It can be anything you want it to be. I'm very excited by all the possibilities AND I've just decorated the cover. I've begun with a simple WA4 exercise book just to see how I like it (just cardboard cover and 32 leaves stapled in) 
Because it's supposed to be more about the writing, I thought I would short-circuit spending lots of time on making my cover and dug out some pieces of old card stock that had leftover printing on them
and when I stuck a couple on the covers and added a bit of tape I was immediately smitten!
Sat with this for a while and in the end all I added was a bit more tape on each side of the spine so the wrap is wider over the join in the cardstock, edged with permanent ink pad
and then added the words through a stencil before outlining with gold sakura pen
On the back cover I added the start date - wonder how long it will take to fill this book?
So far I've added copies of my art and some written stuff
I've done my pretty spreads for January OLW 2017 (see previous post)
 as well as my longer written stuff - it's private so obscured ;-)
I've started journaling memories of special days, and written responses to some BOD prompts - it's fun to use different coloured pens ;-)
I'm sure I will move to another book with a harder cover and more pages once this one is done. I'll share when there's something more I can share from in here. 
Do you have a written journaling practice too?


Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Loving this idea! I can not tell you the number of times I have started similar journals/diaries for my innermost thoughts, but I never carry them through in fear that someone might find them and read them. How silly is that? That's why I like the hidden journalling under layers of paint! Nobody will ever read that! Love what you have done so far. That Effy-type face is amazing with all those patterns!

Lynette (NZ) said...

It's something I keep thinking about and I am really loving it. It's just a head dump place really, but can be pretty using pens and washi tapes that are just sitting around otherwise 😉

Clemencia R said...

LOVE it!!! I've been thinking on starting one too. You just inspired me to go ahead and do it :) thanks

Lynette (NZ) said...

Yay Clemencia - thanks :-) I love to know that I am inspiring others. Enjoy your new journal.

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