Sunday, January 29, 2017

Daily Journaling : Week 5

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 5 : Add a doodle borderI felt like I needed 'something else' so I waited to see what there was on the blog for Life Documented 2017. Hah - it is incorporate a doodle/zentangleOnce again I already had a start to my spread - one of my favourite stencils wiped off on here, so obviously next step is to doodle!
I started by adding white dots (with my white Sharpie pen) to the peacock feathers, and then started doodling flowers with my black PITT Pen (M)
I thought it would be cool to add some more colour to my doodles. This Dylusions ink is getting low, and I hadn't tried my new Fantastix applicators (I've got the pack of mixed tips)
You just dip the nib into ink, and then use it like a pen - great fun and gives you so many options for colour
I like  the effect on top of the iridescent paint, but you get brighter colour when just added to paper - and the point means I could add dots of colour on the right-hand spiral as well (over white dot so bit of dimension)
EDITED UPDATE :  I've been asked "Were you able to completely clean the Dylusions from the pen for re-use?" Here's a photo - it came out pretty well.
It's more stained with the colour instead of still holding it. Dipped it in water and squeezed it out a few times til water clear. I reckon I'll be okay to re-use but will make sure I use a similar colour next time. There are quite a few sticks in the mixed pack. In the photo you can see the other bullet tip.
Really fun to do all of this and I ended up with a happy spread
Be interesting to see how I go next week when I face a completely blank page. You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE
Back to school time for us this week. Making plans to be able to continue to art and post regularly, but the number of posts per week will be less with normal routines and working. Will continue to prioritise creative time :-) 


  1. This is awesome! Thank you for posting. I've never heard of Fantastix before.

  2. They are pretty cool - now they've had their first outing I'm sure they'll get much more play time :-)

  3. Loving your feather stencil! Looks like something I could cut with the Cameo as it has no tiny details. Doodling is so therapeutic! Never heard of Fantastix - they look useful, and I expect you can use them with all sorts of inks, possibly not acrylic though as that would dry on it. Will investigate!

  4. The peacock feathers are a fav - Crafters Workshop i think - I have both the small and large size. Yes the Fantastix need very runny ink cos it just sort of soaks into nibs. I'm sure I'll find lots more uses for them now i've used them once ;-)


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