Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend pics

I am a member of Rose City Quilters. We make lots of charity quilts for various causes. I have been involved previously with quilting a top for hospice and I turned an uncompleted quilt top into 9 neonatal quilts at the beginning of the year:A week ago, some of the group got together to stitch some quilt tops for the Red Cross. Here you can see a top being assembled. On Saturday morning, I had that top delivered to me for quilting - I have 3 weeks to do it.I have pieced the back, and basted it together. Will keep you posted.
After lunch on Saturday, Sam played the curtain raiser game (under 7's) for our provincial rugby team the Turbos. He got player of the day :-)
I enjoyed watching Amelie again - it is a delightful film that I think I would like to own.
I have started reading, and am very much enjoying : For more info about the book, click on the cover.
And I managed some creative time too :

I am looking forward to quilting, starting my fabric cover for my stitch/paper pages, and hunting out quilts for our show 27-29 August, at the Convention Centre in Palmerston North. I will be showing some of my quilts. More details as those dates get closer.


  1. yay for Sam ......good on you!!!

  2. Congrats! to Sam.
    And to you for taking on the quilting of a quilt for charity.


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