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Monday, August 9, 2010


New fusing - peaches blockNew stitching - outside of book cover/wrapNew stitching - insideNew stitching close-up - the fabric is secured with the swirly free-motion stitch, but edges within the piece aren't neatened. I am liking this effect.New reading - loving this, even though the topic is heartbreaking. Click on the cover for amazon link.New job - start training tomorrow :-)
What's new with you this week?


Rosie said...

Lynette, your book cover is awesome. I love the greens and the raggedy bits are fab. Great shape too... I really have to try this out in the future - thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

About 20 new calves!! Haha no crafting going on here! Good luck with the job. xx

Katherine said...

love the texture of your swirly stitches!
And I'm getting a lovely list of library books to request, from all your blogposts!

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