Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paris Book

I have shown you paper/stitch pages in progress, and the cover for that book, but couldn't reveal it properly because what I was making it as a gift for a special friend. Philippa is going on holiday to Paris in September and I wanted to give her a special journal to capture her thoughts, and hopefully inspire her to write some poetry while she is away. I gave it to her yesterday for her birthday. I was going to be smart, and do this as a slideshow, but it became too complicated to be able to do and share with you today! So this is a very long post of pictures - hoping that you will scroll through and enjoy them.
I made her a birthday/bon voyage card, in keeping with the Paris theme. And inspired, once more, by Ruth Rae.The journal cover front and wrap The spine - the pages were reasonably thick, so I nestled 4 spreads together, and stitched them in as 4 separate signatures. This gives her 64 pages in total. Open front cover - 1st page. The picture is of the apartment where she will be staying. Above left - Moulin Rouge and a clear envelope. I have included a few envelopes for her to insert wee treasures. Below left - the Windmills cafe from the movie "Amelie". She will be staying in Montmartre.Had to include Carrie in Paris (below left) since we are both big fans of "Sex and the City"The page below left because she goes in September. Below right is a vellum page. The below left page was created by printing the image of the eiffel tower onto sheet music fed through my printer. Another vellum sheet on the right. And to finish - space for a glue stick and a couple of fav pens.I have used images from a variety of sources (with special thanks to Katherine for booksale hunting and Sandy for travel guides). Some are attached with stitch and others with gel medium. I really appreciate Mary Ann Moss's talents and sharing on her blog. It was seeing her beautiful work that inspired this project.
I hope Philippa has as much fun using this journal as I had in creating it.


  1. I am the lucky recipient of this absolute gem - and it's amazing! Lynnie, you have visualised my dream and c'est parfait!!! It is mind-blowingly beautiful and every page is an art feast :-) Thank you SO much - I love it .... it will go to Paris with love and come home full of poems (I hope!!) Phil xxxxxxxxx

  2. PS Ross says it's "unbelieveable" xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. This is so very cool - such a treasure to give and receive! And it absolutely inspires me to make a retrospective travel journal for myself!

  4. It looks fantastic! If it was MY birthday present, I'd say it was one of THE best EVER!!

  5. Just dropping in from Mary Ann's class to say your gift journal looks amazing. Anyone would think you had been to Paris yourself, judging by all the souvenirs and stamps and things. I especially like the way you printed the Tour Eiffel onto sheet music.

    Best wishes - Chrissy in France

  6. This is such a beautiful gift - you are a very good friend too

  7. "OMG The book you made for Philippa is AMAZING!!! You are so talented!! Love it SOOOOO much!! xx Hope you are enjoying being back at work! Love you! x" Amanda

  8. Oh Lynette
    WOW - you've just blown me away! Philippa is a very lucky lady (so nice she has made a comment on this post too)!!!
    I hope she has a wonderful time, and is inspired not only by Paris but by your book to write - can we see/hear some of her poetry when she returns!!!!

    Each and every page is a work of art.
    I love the beautiful cover too!

    I've been looking for those little clear envelopes for yonks - do you mind telling me where you got yours??
    Thank you for stopping by and telling me about this post.

    Just think a part of you will be in Paris with Philippa!!!

  9. How wonderful! Lynette, this is such a beautiful journal... so inspiring!

  10. This is one seriously amazing birthday gift! I can't even begin to imagine how long it must have taken you to make it......... Lucky friend indeed!

  11. Wow Lynette the Journal looks awesome... Rhonda

  12. Lucky lucky friend to have such a generous talented friend like you

  13. Simply gorgeous!!!! She is going to love it! You are such a great friend to put in all that work for her, Lynette.

  14. A labor of love... this is beautiful!


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