Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3rd time lucky

I have mentioned in a previous post that I LOVE Piece O' Cake designs. I made my Mum & Dad a quilt of their design for their 40th wedding anniversary, and I keep purchasing their books with good intentions and desires of making more of them!
I can see that their hand-turned applique is beautiful, and I decided it would be great to have a piece of work that was hand-pieced and portable, that I could take to my quilt group on Monday nights. So I started with the Pear block from this quilt pattern, and I got about 1/2 way before I wasn't happy with the work on it and decided to unpick it. That was around 6 months ago. Then I decided I REALLY wanted some handwork, and I tried again. I got about 3/4 of the way through before deciding that hand applique work just isn't really me! I am more of an instant gratification kind of gal. So finally, last week, I decided to go with raw edge applique - where you fuse the pieces on the background (I use steam-a-seam lite) and then machine stitch over them. As you can see on the left - I have got much further along this time, and am enjoying the process a lot more - this fusing part is already 1/4 way through!
Click on this link to Don't Look Now for some beautiful raw-edged applique.
And this photo below is a pattern of Robbi Joy Eklow's that I made for my husband's 40th birthday. I used the same method for this quilt that I will use for my "Simply Delicious" quilt (fusible applique, then stitched and quilted at the same time) and I will share the process as I go.Hope you have a good day wherever you are

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