Friday, August 13, 2010

Review of this Week

This week has revolved around my first week of training at the fabulous Palmerston North City Library, and getting ready for my eldest son's 10th birthday - very exciting to be getting to double figures.
I love working at the City Library again - Come visit if you are in town.
The library also has wonderful events - highlight of my week was attending a talk by Peta Mathias about her newest book

She was as fabulous in person as she is in her TV programs - she was witty, enthusiastic, honest and articulate, and I am now 21st in the queue for her book at the library - thankfully they have more than 1 copy!
I have continued to stitch the charity quilt, and I have done a few more pages for my paper/stitch book.
Blogs that inspired me this week : Lovely collage : paper & stitch
Another beautiful embroidery from Hanna Inspiring fabric paper collages by Frieda Oxenham - and click here for her instructions for making fabric paper

Had to share this great YouTube video - seen on a couple of blogs this week
Looking forward to some DVD watching this weekend - will share if they are worth it. Talk to you again soon


Susie said...

Hi Lynette
Thanks for the sweet comments on my recent journal page and thanks for the link. I love sewing on to pages and lots and lots of layers. The paper I used with all the loose fibers is called lace paper that I hand dyed.

Corrine said...

Hi Lynette.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I also like playing around with fabric paper. Great blog you have.

Idoya Munn said...

Lynette - have fun working at the library - I'm Jealous!! ;)

Katherine said...

The links you are sharing are wonderful - watching "How to be alone" while having some quiet time to myself was rather lovely!

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