Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fabric Paper samples

Today I thought I would share some of my experiments making fabric paper. The woman who started it all was Beryl Taylor - with an article explaining her process in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. Click here and you will be able to download your own copy of this original article. She followed this up with her wonderful book, which includes fabric paper, and a mountain of other inspiration. I am a HUGE fan of this. Click on the cover to get the reviews on Amazon.Beryl Taylor's method combines fabric and paper with glue to make a unique surface which is stitchable. Her top layer is tissue paper, and she paints this, but in the samples below I have used coloured tissue paper. I can remember some I tried "bled" the colour, but I can't remember why that would be a problem. They are lovely bright colours, and are all very usable.
As you can see above, the best images to show through the coloured tissue are the black and white ones. Beryl Taylor uses muslin as her base, but I have found that I can use 'ugly' cotton fabrics from my stash. You just have to make sure you have good coverage with paper you layer on, or the paint/coloured tissue. This is an 'ugly fabric' back : - and now that I've posted the above photo, I've just had an "aha moment" where I realise that this fabric would be less visible if I pasted the papers to the reverse of the fabric! Something to try next time....I have lots more to share about fabric paper, so check back for further experiments and use of the fabric paper, and for other artists and their inspiring fabric paper art.


  1. This is great! I love Cloth Paper and Scissors and for some reason I missed this project. Thanks for showing this. Something else I need to try!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Have you used a PVA mix or a textile medium to glue your papers? I found with the PVA my 'fabric' was quite stiff, but I haven't tried the textile medium, as per the Perez class.

  3. I used the PVA mix for these, and it is fine for collagey/postcardy projects. Although I used gel medium for the Perez class, it was still stiffish, and the PVA mix is way cheaper :-)

  4. I LOVE this book! I haven't made fabric paper--- but i've been meaning to for years...... I have some super ugly fabric that I've been hording for no reason.....


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