Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Fabric Paper

Thought I would share some more info about fabric paper and some more great links.
If you are keen on Beryl Taylor's techniques (see this post for a link to her original method) and would like to see them demonstrated, you can get more by getting this DVD (click on the cover for more info) A while ago, this was available as an online class and I got a really good deal on it so picked that instead of the DVD. Good notes, good pics, cool techniques. I just need to do a bit more experimentation. The class included the basics of making fabric paper, expanded on that using candy wrappers and paper napkins, and then went on to further fun stencilling on commercial fabric, doing some free motion embroidery, and using soft metal foils as well. I made really good notes to go back to, but I do wonder if the DVD might have been a better option in that you can keep it to refer to over and over (the online course place is no longer in business, so perhaps others came to the same conclusion!)
More fabric paper making instructions and examples of using it here at Belinda Spiwak's blog.
Another person who has taken Beryl's method and made it her own is Kelli Nina Perkins. She has published this very cool book - with heaps of great ideas to create and use fabric paper - she calls hers stitch paper. Click on the cover to get more info. I own this and will be trying more techniques when I have the time.
And go to her blog here for links to things she has made with stitchpaper.
Here is a picture of a small 'quilt' I made using fabric paper. I say quilt although I never stitched it as 3 layers - I guess it is more of a dimensional collage. Background and dress all of fabric paper. This evolved from a project in Beryl Taylor's book.Closeup shot shows the heart and wings made of grungeboard. And if you want still more inspiration, hop over to Adrienne Goodenough's blog, with Beryl Taylor-inspired projects here and here, and other fabric paper ideas here.
Enjoy ;-)

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  1. I love your quilts, especially the first one,which reminds me of a Kaffe Fassett design.

    I admire your patience in making the quilts - precision work and fabric are not mutually exclusive for you, but they are for me!


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