Friday, August 27, 2010

Review of this week

Highlight of the week : I won a merit award for this quilt at the show :-)
Has been a lovely week gifting the Paris book and the Charity quilt.
The boys had wacky hair day at school today to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. You can't really see that we sprayed their hair blue - but don't they look cool?I have been enjoying some good books this week.
This book is by Gerard Smith the quy in the art shop, and is a down-to-earth, smart guide to acrylic paints, choosing colours, tools (brushes/canvas/palette knives etc), gel mediums, stencils/sprays, and some projects to get you started. I found it informative, and sometimes very funny. It is aimed at people who want to paint, but of course if you dabble in mixed media this can be applied. Libraries are wonderful for exploring this kind of topic. Also from the library, my current novel :
This book is beautifully written. I am enjoying the plot, but it is passages like this that I love :
I stepped again, and life moved to greet me. I felt particulate, like pieces matching pieces. I heard the benign crinkle of the trees as the wind swept into the branches, and the music of birds popping to life like individual instruments singled out from an orchestra.
And this description of a girl climbing ropes in gym :
Pip's hands went fast, fist over fist, with her legs crossed like wishful fingers, pinching to maintain counterbalance. Even in the gymnasium's fluorescent light, her hair gleamed like a length of satin ribbon. Ahhhhhhh.
And some blog love for you this week :
A fellow kiwi living not too far from me, and artistic talent Debrina's altered art diary.
From her latest post, this great link about women and art.
A new (to me) art quilter Stephanie Redfern : her blog here, her cards gallery on her website here
Nice series of sketchbook posts here (you'll like these Katherine they feature poppy seedheads motif)
And from DJ Pettitt - a link on flickr to free texture files. Very cool. Her post about it here
That's it from me today....I don't seem to be able to do a short post!
Have a lovely weekend.


Katherine said...

You're right, I loved the seedheads - and the serendipity of seeing what you've discovered each week!

margaret said...

Congratualtions on your award Lynette! your quilt is really beautiful!
What a great fund raising idea, your boys look like they're having a blast! your tallest one looks as big as my son! all arms and legs (she's says having bought ANOTHER pair of shoes for his evergrowing feet!) Margaret

Debrina said...

Hi Lynette - wow, thanks for the plug! And WELL DONE for your quilt award!!!! It's a beautiful, delicately worked looking quilt, so of course it just HAD to get an award. It would have been a crime if it didn't!!

I also can't believe how big your boys are now. My god but they grow fast! The oldest really looks like your hubby (Dean?) I can't remember his name!!

Did you also pop on by the cloth fair/market today on Church St? Heaps of fantastic cottons, etc. Hope to see you there next time! I'm going to have a stall :-)

Debrina said...

PS. I can't seem to "follow" you on your blog. I wonder if there is something wrong with my set-up, as I've noticed it when trying to join others too. :-(

Gina said...

Thank you so much for the mention. It was really kind of you.

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