Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rebinding my Altered Art Journal

I'm doing much of my art journaling this year in a recycled art book -  more details HERE. Recently, I decided that I needed to rebind my book a la Effy Wild - by slashing the spine and adding wide strips of Duck tape. Just an FYI - I wondered why she calls it Duck tape and I've always called it as Duct tape - turns out it's not cos she's from Canada and I'm from NZ, it's a matter of Duck tape being the original name for the product.... I smiled when I saw that the one I used this time is called Bear tape!
Your pages MUST be SEWN into the binding, NOT glued for this to work. My original second-hand library book had a little tearing at the top of the spine so added just a piece of tape to hold it when I first started
Now blooming so much I decided I needed to slash and tear off the original spine and re-tape it 
I layered 3 widths of the tape to get enough around the spine to hold it firmly
Here's a view looking down with the original spine laid over the new
I was thinking of decorating the cover, but now I'm thinking I'd better wait until the end in case this needs more spine treatment - there are still quite a few pages left :-)

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  1. Duck tape is a wonderful thing - so strong! I can see how this works and will keep it in mind for future journals. A good argument for doing the cover last - I tend to do them first!


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