Sunday, April 23, 2017

Disappearing 9 Patch Quilt Completed

The invitation to give a talk about my quilts to the Levin club earlier this month prompted me to start quilting my Disappearing 9 Patch. This quilt is really simple to do and can look very different depending on how you lay it out. I started mine with a variety of fat quarters all from my stash. 
The hydrangeas, butterflies and stripe were all purchased together. I added the 2 greens and some supporting blues. You can cut 9 x 6 1/2" squares from one fat quarter - some of my fat quarters weren't quite large enough (had bits cut out of them!) so I just added a few more coloured squares for variety, and used a selection of creams/lemons instead of just one fabric for that. I pieced them into 9 patches varying the positions of the fabrics.
I know my quilt is going to look good because it even looks okay with this very simple configuration on the design wall. Then I started slicing and rearranging :
Above is an original block sliced through the middle both ways. Then rearrange in different configurations to see what you like best
Of course this is within the same block...imagine the possibilities once you're playing with all of your original 9 blocks now cut 4 ways = 36 to play with :-) This is my top stitched together and ready to layer with batting and back for quilting 
I was going to quilt with straight lines, but decided instead to follow my heart with a favourite free-motion spiral using a lovely variegated thread.
Yesterday I was trimming off the edges ready for the binding which happened last night
And here it is completed : Click on any photo to see it larger
Free-motion quilting of spirals except where butterflies are outlined. Below is the back view - see the butterfly? I used a plain rayon on the back.
This is a really simple quilt for beginners but looks so effective 
If you want to have a go, I found these variations - all FREE patterns 
I love this random look - free pattern at Craftsy
Adore this colour combo of red and blue : 4.5" blocks cutting instructions HERE
Large pattern called Queen Charming in Tula Pink fabrics free pattern HERE

Find the controlled colour version Halloween quilt HERE (block size cut 5"). Let me know if you make one. If you're new here and want to see other quilts I've made, check out those posts HERE.
Heading into Week 2 of our school holidays, and although I haven't completed as much art as I hoped, I'm very happy to have this quilt finally done and excited to start my next stitching project. Happy weekend to you.

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