Friday, April 14, 2017

Daily Journaling Week 15

I'm following the prompts of the original Documented Life 2014Week 15 : Monochromatic - use shades, tints and hues of one colourAnd from the blog for Life Documented 2017 HERE : Add chalk or coloured pencil. Funnily enough, I had already thought I needed to do something different than floral themed this week, and hoped a face would fit the prompts somehow...When I went to Week 15 of the original 2014 prompts I found that a few of them had decided to do faces! Began by gathering my watercolour pencils to decide where I had the most shades of one colour - I have both Inktense and Graphitint. 
I've been so busy this week, I hadn't actually started this spread. It turned out to be a good thing. I had written an email this morning which I decided to print out and keep as a memory of exactly where I am as I start our holidays. Need a flap with a pocket to hold that. I used sprays for the colour here though 
Then it was time to make my monochrome girl - her hair makes the journaling spaces. All of this is done with the watercolour pencils blended with water. All my original work but obviously influenced by what I've been learning in Effy's classes ♥ Click on any photo to see it larger.
I wanted to include this lovely "Shine" quote from a recent Brave Girls Club email message
Added some more doodles with the same pencils and she's ready for the week's journaling
Here she is finished : 
I used various shades of green pens for the journaling. Here's how she looks with the flap closed : 
You can see all my posts about this project HERE and my Flickr album HERE.
Today marks the start of 2 weeks of school holidays for my boys and me. I have a looong list of what I want to get done : a mix of creative, home and work-related. I am going to try and do house & garden stuff in the morning, creative fun in the afternoon, and work-related planning for next term in the evenings AND I have a large pile of good books beside my bed to read at night. Doing this spread was my afternoon creative fun today so I've made a good start :-)


  1. I was going to comment on your choice of spring colours, but of course your Spring is different from our Spring - I will never be able to put my head around that LOL!

  2. I have a week of holidays to go - haven't got as much art done as I hoped but happy with progress made in other areas - including swapping my wardrobe for Autumn and coming cooler temperatures! We are blessed with lots of sunshine at the moment though and nice to have cooler nights to sleep


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