Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Birthday cards

At the end of last year I made bookmarks as gifts for my school librarians.
I cut up too much of the printed watercolour paper into strips but that led to fun bases on gift cards - this is what I had at the end of my session in December with more work needed on some.
This week I had cause to finish off a few more for birthday cards. I just love torn serviettes and butterflies are a favourite motif of mine. This is how my 'in process' cards finished up : 
Can't quite decide which one is my favourite. 
Having another crazy busy week and feeling like I'm not getting much done. Reminding myself that everything has a season and that as long as I still feel happy I have the balance right. I know there is room for improvement and I am glad I am paying enough attention to notice that. Hope your week has some room for creative fun ♥


  1. These are so happy and colourful - wonderful inspiration again!

  2. These are beautiful.
    Looks like the monthly meet up for art journalling in Kapiti is going to happen as I have a few people interested. So excited! I am hopeful that in the future we may be able to have you tutor for us.

  3. These are wonderful cards, and the stitching is just the right touch. How can you pick a favorite? They're all terrific!

  4. Thank you all for sharing your love ♥
    Excited to hear your news Sue - I would love to think about tutoring.


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