Saturday, May 18, 2019

Inspired by Toni Burt and more FREE online inspiration

I joined the recent Sketchbook Revival free online workshop with limited time and my intention was to at least watch and try the lesson from Toni BurtI am just a bit in love with her mixed media faces at present with their combination of messy colour, collage and found words. This was her sample lesson :
I wanted to try out a piece of watercolour paper as well as a page in my journal since she prepped her paper with matte gel medium. The page in my journal already had paint used up from a previous project. Not everything goes well first time and I couldn't make a large brush work like Toni did. However - this was my second attempt and I was much more hopeful that I could finish these and like them.
I decided to concentrate on my watercolour page first, and added some Twinkling H2O watercolours. Amongst my gatherings found the perfect piece in the sheet music (3 bars rest) and the words on the large print sheet "Take your time". Took it as a message from the universe ♥
Love using serviettes and I had a lovely butterfly one with a watercolour look, plus some pretty new washi and punched some daisies from lovely paper coloured in a long-ago project. 
Very happy to finish her up and be able to include stitch before gluing this page into my journal.
She's messy, and imperfect, and a reminder of the beauty of that.
The facing page needed lightening up before I went much further so I began with some stencils and collaged gelli prints
...and some found words of course. She needed more contrast of dark and light
 and a butterfly ♥ 
So good to have another full spread done in my art journal at last. 
If you're interested in exploring Toni's work further, she has a couple of free lessons on her site HERE
videos HERE and a selection of paid classes HERE
And although access to Sketchbook Revival 2019 finishes this weekend, Tam has released her Happy Houses lesson FREE on Youtube HERE.


  1. Your faces in the Toni Burt style turned out beautifully. I love her classes and style, too. She does have a way with the big brush that I don't have either! But I tried this lesson, and I do like the results. I haven't posted on my blog lately, but perhaps can share them soon.

  2. Thanks Nancy - I love her style. Happy that my faces turned out looking like my art with her lesson informing them :-) Need to keep finding a way to add stitch to my pages


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