Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stitched paper daily art journal : pages 23-24

Been reading some good Fiction from our lovely library lately
Read the plot summary at Book Depository
This book had great characters and interesting plot and much of it was set in a Shaker community which was interesting in itself.
click on any photo to see it larger
If you missed the  blogpost about the star book go HERE, and the cards are HERE. For my next page I just cut a piece of soft & pretty patterned scrapbook paper to size
By the time I reached the end, there wasn't much of it showing, but I still love the ethereal effect it lends to the background
One learning/reminder - straight stitching (with an increased stitch length) and zig zag is usually okay on one thickness of paper, but I needed to add an extra layer behind for my decorative stitches. In the photo of the back of the page below, the decorative stitch at the top of the page tore the paper - I covered that up with tape on the front. After that I just lay some scrap paper down and stitched over both layers.

I laughed out loud - and often - while reading "The Rosie Project". Highly recommended.
Read the plot summary at Book Depository
Hope you have time for creativity and laughter in your weekend :-)
See all the posts about this journal HERE and in my Flickr Set HERE.


iHanna said...

Lovely pages! Sewing paper is so much fun, even if it tears a bit sometimes. :)

Wendy Watson said...

I've just reserved 2 books . . . thanks. I had a chuckle about The Rosie Project . . . there are 17 reserves for the regular copy and only 1 for the large text . . . I'll be able to read with my sunglasses on while lying in the hammock!

Love you pages :)

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