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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Aiming for completion....

It's time to take stock of the projects bouncing round in my head that I'm wanting to get completed in 2014. Around November, I often have to let some ideas go that I can't realistically complete by year's end. This year it's my fabric collage. Not sure if I might let this go for good....we'll see what the new year brings.
I've had a good think and come up with the following plan. 
Deadlines for November (2 weeks) :
  • I need to make another batch of cards : Unfortunately a couple need to be bereavement cards, but there are also a few birthdays around this time of year
  • iHanna's postcard swap - need to be sent no later than 1 December
  • It would be good to have made my Christmas cards by 30 November
By Christmas (5 1/2 weeks) :
  • I'm thinking of making a couple of Christmas tree skirts for presents
By the end of 2014 (6 1/2 weeks) :
I would also love to be able to fit in some more butterfly stitching - first seen HERE it now looks like this
Very happy that composing this blogpost has got me sorted with the order of things and also give me a fresh dose of motivation :-) What are you hoping to achieve in the remaining weeks of the year? I'll revisit this list as we get to the deadlines...


Wendy Watson said...

I like you idea of checking what you want to finish and the deadlines for doing so . . . and it makes me realise just how close Christmas is!

We may be pretty wonderful but magic powers? Not yet.

Trisha said...

I love to read about other people's plan and to see other people's lists. I am aiming for the New Rags Market on 6 December in Masterton and then working on a Henley Lake series and a Garden series. It was lovely to meet you today.

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