Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art journal pages : 74-76

Another 3 pages in my Full Tilt Boogie journal
I forgot to take progress shots for the left page : this is it complete below
click on any photo to see it larger
but I did take a photo of the items I used to finish the page when it just needed "something" : stencils and ink pad applied with cosmetic sponge
Remembered to take progress shots of the next pages
Sometimes Often found text is just the right touch for me to finish a page
I enjoyed the effect of pens on flowers so much on pages 64 and 73 that when I put in this gorgeous green gerbera, it had to receive similar treatment
Green Pen : Sakura Gell Roll Moonlight pen
And at other times, once the collaging is done, there's no need for words for me to feel the page is done :-) 
Now those are completed I've only got 15 pages to go! You can see all the Full Tilt Boogie journal pages in my Flickr Set

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