Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Postcard Swap and Artsy Ornaments

If you've followed iHanna's blog, you will have seen that she regularly organises an international postcard swap. It's time to register for the next round.
I've not done it before, but I'm thinking it would be fun to create 10 postcards, and even more fun to receive 10 in return from mystery artists and locations all over the world.
There's a small fee (US$7) to participate and you can sign up until November 26th 2014.
Read all the details of the swap including LOADS of inspiration for creating your postcards HERE. And check out the Flickr pool and her Pinterest page :-)
I don't have a plan of how mine are going finish up, but I got out some of my sprays and stencils and made a start on some A4 sheets of card :
click on the photo to see it larger
There will definitely be stitch involved as I continue...
And if you're in the mood for a bit of Christmas Creativity, here's another online class :
Organised by Christy Tomlinson, it costs US$24.95 for 12 teachers - class begins on Dec 2nd, and each day for four days, 3 new Artsy Holiday projects from 3 teachers are debuted. Go HERE for the full details.

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Chris H said...

I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy doing the swap, and working on the cards you will send off.

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