Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Card creation

I made a batch of 4 cards at once this time around. Started them with spray and stencils/masks as is often my habit. Sorry, no progress shots with these.
2 bereavement cards
click on any photo to see it larger
2 birthday cards
Here are the four together so you can more easily see the common elements/techniques :
I've stamped with the same turquoise ink, used a cosmetic sponge to apply distress ink pad over the butterfly mask, glued down serviettes, and used found words. The final butterfly/flower one looks a bit like the odd one out, but has the same turquoise stamped butterfly as the one beside it, and the flowers are serviettes. I'm especially sorry to give that final one away.
It was such fun to make these, I may need to make some more....of course I can play similarly with my postcards for iHanna's swap {ideas starting to swirl in my head}

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