Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Calendar challenge complete

I reached the end of Kate Crane's 2011 Calendar challenge.
Every month last year I've shared my beginnings and completed pages, and the time has finally come to share the last page.
December started like this
I'll share a couple of detail shots, and you can see the completed page below.
Thanks to Philippa for providing me with this gorgeous Mucha image as part of my Christmas present :-)
And I just had to add some embossing like some of the cards I made this year.
Check out all my pages for the whole year ::

Click to see them bigger, and click here for all the posts with details of techniques and 'before' shots.
So proud I made it through the 12 months and I learned a lot. Thanks to all those who commented on my work and in turn inspired me with yours.
I even managed to make the cover today so it is truly finished
Used my lovely sprays and stencils, stamped with staz-on ink, and the 2011 label is made with grungeboard. I had lots of fun.
I have new ideas for challenges in 2012 so won't be joining the calendar challenge this year, but I'm wishing you all a happy and creative 2012 and I hope you come back here to visit sometime soon.


  1. Looking just fantastic! Well done! (PS - my word verification is "bother" - fun!)

  2. Wonderful to see all your completed calendar pages, they look amazing! Will miss seeing your pages this year :( x x x

  3. Wow, it is wonderful to see all of your pages together like this. What a great achievement! It looks wonderful with your completed cover. Thanks for joining in for 2011 and well done for keeping up all year. Good luck with your future projects x

  4. A really great looking blog showing an wonderful journal.

  5. Amazing, how cool dose your book look, Fabulous,
    Kathleen F

  6. Beautiful pages, this will be a treasure for years to come! Valerie

  7. Wow amazing - what an inspiration, thanks for sharing xxx

  8. These are great Lyn - so admire you for keeping this up - I only managed 2 months last year :-)) Love your blog and read all your posts - i loved the resume you did of your quilts - they are gorgeous. As you have probably realised I am a bit obsessed with mini albums at the moment ... Happy New Year to you

  9. Totally inspired by your pages Lynette! wow! I love your colours and the different shapes you've used each month, what an amazing treasure you've created! Mx

  10. FABULOUS!! I love this! Great work! Happy New Year. Wishing you a wonderfully creative 2012 :)

  11. Lovely pages, love all the different shapes you used through out the year.
    Well done.

  12. I have so enjoyed seeing your journal pages through the year. Wishing you many happy creative journeys in 2012.


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