Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creating a Book a Month : January

This year I thought I might try and create a book a month -- inspired by Jennibellie who made a journal a day in June last year (don't think I could quite match that!) 
I could cheat and say that this was my January one ;-) 
But I didn't actually start it in 2012...and I have started this one in January,
but it's to last me the whole year.
Then I got inspired by a new magazine purchase, and turns out this is my book for January.
The closure on the wrap makes use of the flower created here and the tyvek beads from March last year. Loving that I am using things from my stash :-)
It's an accordian tag book with a garden theme.
The cover is a combination of magazine papers and lovely sari ribbons stitched down with programmed stitches on my sewing machine.
Close-up of accordian pages without the tags
And with tags included
More about the beginning of the process in my previous post, and I will share details of the tags in a later post.


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