Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Traci Bautista workshop continues

When we last talked about the Strathmore workshop with Traci Bautista, I had done Week 1, Part 1.
Week 1, Part 2 is doodling on this with markers and pens.
Did some coloured pen work, but the main difference came from using the black and white pens. For the Black I used Faber-Castell PITT artist pen big brush - it's waterproof Indian Ink. The white is an ordinary BIC Wite-Out! You need to squeeze it while you doodle... so much fun. Hard to know when you're done -- I figured I would know when I was finished!
Click on the pic for bigger version
When I wanted to start this piece, I didn't have a large sheet. I used masking tape on the back to join 4 x A4 sheets from a Reeves Water Colour Pad. It was a great surface to work on, and now I'm finished I have taken the 4 pieces apart and can be reinspired to make some projects from the smaller pieces.
Really like how you get a whole different perspective on pieces by turning them.
Check out Roben-Marie's post and video about how she used her art from this course to make cards and journal covers.


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