Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Journal

I have finally started some pages in this journal...although nothing on the cover yet...
Explained a little about where I'm going with it here
It's going to be called the Lighten Up journal because they're my words for 2012, and I want a place to work through some ideas around that focus, as well as capturing bits of my life this year.
My pages so far are paint based

and include intentions
the beginnings of my 2012 calendar challenge (check back 1st Feb for more on that)
my prettied-up creative to-do list
It's going to be a good place to play - for the pages below you lay the stencil down on the left (pre-painted) page, spray over, and before you lift the soggy stencil off, fold the opposite page over and brayer the back. Mirror image and you don't waste any spray :-)
Also a good place for me to put wee projects like my Jump Start inspired tags
Will share more as pages progress


  1. Lynette, I love your start! wow, the create list is gorgeous! Mx

  2. Nice, I especially like how you decorated your creative to do list!

  3. A great start to your journal.


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