Monday, January 9, 2012

Jump Start creation

Did you join up with the almost 4000 others of us?! It's been great to have new ideas arrive to my email inbox and we're not half-way through yet. 
I've looked at the first 4 so far, and the 4th Jump Start from Karen encouraged us to just start....Her 2 main tips are Sit at your desk and Have your supplies out. She says that now she has the habit of a place to create, when she goes and sits down at her desk, often with no plan of what she will make, "Creativity knows to meet me there". I love that :-)
The first Jump Start was from Dina Wakley sharing some creative warm-ups - love her idea of using tags and having an "unfinished projects/warm ups box" to dip into. I had thought I would like to have a go, and so this evening I finished the dishes, folded the washing, and then took Karen's advice and went to my desk with a few supplies out and this is what I ended up with....
I began by spraying some ink on a piece of baking parchment.
Didn't have tags handy like Dina, so just swiped a piece of card stock over and set that aside to dry
And cleaned up the remaining ink with my lovely piece of cotton that will be torn and used in future projects when really inked up.
Cut my cardstock into rectangles and punched holes in the tops to make my own tags.
Then I inked up my recently purchased gorgeous Tim Holtz Papillon stamps
and added torn strips of fabric, words from old large print books, tape and butterfly images to make a lovely set of 6 tags
They fit nicely into my words for 2012 "Lighten Up" don't you think?
Nathalie co-ordinated the Creative Jump Start project, and has recently posted an FAQ page which explains how you can get access to the free tutorials from now until mid year, even if you missed the sign-up deadline. 
If you are keen to see projects others have made, there's a flickr group.


  1. Oh my, you really shouldn't post links like this, like I need a distraction, not! What a fab site and I love your results, I'm going to try this, probably today!! Mx

  2. Those are wonderful tags you made! And those stamps are gorgeous (well, duh, there's butterflies on them). ;-)

  3. wonderful tags, love the backgrounds.

  4. It's a great idea with the Jump Start. I too loved the tags, especially how to get over the 'white page' fear :)

  5. oh how i love the end result of your 'warm up-conquer your fear of the white page' tags! love the texture play by adding texture. yummi!

  6. Sit at your desk and have your art supplies out . . .YES! And guess who bought a desk for her little mid-week abode?


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