Friday, October 7, 2011

Book for Rachel & Livvy

My good friend Rachel recently had a baby girl, Livvy. The above are my presents for her today. The shoes you saw in yesterday's post.
The card neatly fits into my card challenge for the month and becomes Card 5
I dearly wanted to make something for Livvy, but was running short on time by the time I got around to starting. Fortunately I had already sprayed and stencilled some watercolour pages in May with intentions of making a small book. 
With these as my starting point, I have created a memory book for Rachel to put in photos/thoughts/poems - whatever she likes to remember some precious moments with baby Livvy. The cover is made of pelmet vilene - it took the sprays and stencils well and is divine to stitch on. I took photos of all the spreads so figured I might as well show you the whole thing.
And here I am with baby Livvy - I've never had a pink one ;-)
Have a lovely weekend everyone

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Erilyn said...

What beautiful handmade gifts!

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