Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Love and laugh

2 more cards from these bases, these are from Monday & Tuesday.
Card 17
Used rub-ons for my words this time.
Card 18
I can recommend this book :
"Leprosy may seem a macabre subject, but Brennert transforms the material into a touching, lovely account of a woman's journey as she rises above the limitations of a devastating illness"(words from Amazon
and we finally got to see this on DVD 
- do see it if you haven't is worth the accolades
Hope you're having a good week


Caatje said...

I just LOVE the love card!

Anonymous said...

love the cards Lynnie - is the "laugh" definition a rub-on? where do I get those from??
Happy news - I have a wee creation pressie for you - bad news is I can't part with your stash I'm sorry - it has to stay at mine ;-)

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