Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspired by Jude Hill

Had a few months of being too tired in the evenings to do projects, but have had a nice break and am back into night-time stitching :-) My sari ribbon stitching that I started here 
has had some additions.
Be inspired by Jude Hill through her blog : Spirit Cloth.
She has started a collective stitching project focussed on creative sharing and giving.
Stitch a feather, send it to Jude, and she will "sew a bunch together and put the larger cloth to some charitable use". Her initial goal is 1000 feathers - as I post this she has got up to 393.
This is my first feather...may add a little bit extra to frame it, and I intend to make at least another square with 2 feathers.
Click here for all the details of the Magic Feather Project, including an initial instructional video if you want help with how to stitch your own feather.
If you want more - Jude has also created a FREE workshop called Whispering Feathers - in audio, video and PDF format.
You can also go to Gathering Feathers for pictures of the feathers made and sent this month or the Flickr page where you can see them all so far. And there is a facebook page too.
Tempted to join in? If you are in NZ and want to make a feather, contact me and you can post your feather to me and I will then post a bunch of them to Jude. Would like to post them off in November.
And if you like Jude's work, you might like to try out these links too :
A Trinket Treasury
Sweetpea Path
Tanglewood Threads
Stitching Life
Enjoy :-)


deanna7trees said...

your sari ribbon weaving is beautiful. came over here from jude's place. nice feather too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Your sari ribbon work is lovely, as is your beautifully worked feather. Jude will love it.

Sweetpea said...

Your inspiration is carrying you far, Lynette - I remember seeing this when you started...it's a beauty. Sweet of you to link across the blogosphere, thank you.

Joan - South Island, New Zealand. said...

Aha! Love your weaving. Soft colours,beautiful stitching and.... do I detect some natural dyeing there as well? Love your work, fellow Kiwi.

Caatje said...

Your sari ribbon stitching is just amazing. I love the colors and the shine of the fabric. Beautiful.

jennlui said...

thank you Lynette for the mention in your post and comment on my blog. awesome to see you join the magic feather project :)


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