Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art & Fun in Woodville

On Tuesday I had a trip to Woodville to meet up with a friend who lives there and a friend who lives further up the road. We went to have coffee, share creative thoughts, and have  a look at what Woodville has to offer...and it's more than you might think!
Card 4 sums up my day
Doily spray again, and the heart is cut from trimmed quilt edging so lovely and soft and puffy in real life.
First stop in Woodville was the Artmosphere Gallery
A lovely place with lots of fantastic art.
You MUST call in for a visit on your way through - disregard the GPS and stop in to see the town. Wanted to share the following wonderful artists :
Sculpture by Jan Kerr
Jan Kerr makes paper mache sculptures and has won numerous awards at The World of Wearable Arts. She has recently been headhunted to work at Weta Workshop.
I was really taken by these wonderfully detailed ceramic pieces by Cheryl Oliver. See more of her work  for purchase here.
And these pieces by Tracy Skelton are very cool. A pity I can't find any other info about this artist. More of Tracy's work at this Artmosphere Gallery page.
Sarah Wairau also produces lovely pieces. I particularly loved her crosses.
Then we were off to For Frock's Sake a few doors down.
Suzie Johnson has created 5 wonderful shops and rejuvenated Shannon, and now Woodville gets to join in the fun. Another shop opening there soon.
I didn't purchase for me this time around (although I did make it into the fitting room) 
I did buy these sweet shoes for a new arrival...more on that tomorrow.

And in case you were wondering - we downloaded the photos on my camera from the memory card, and I have now borrowed a camera to capture current creativity until my battery charger problem is solved. Aren't friends wonderful in a tight spot? :-)

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Erilyn said...

What a great time! A pity Woodville isn't 'open' on Sunday afternoons!

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