Friday, May 27, 2011

This week

This has been a busy week but I don't feel like I've got much to show for my efforts. I have managed to put some colour on some pages which hopefully will turn into a wee book in the not-too-distant future. Been having fun with lovely sprays again - trying out different effects with paint and stencils, and mixing different sprays together on the same page getting lovely colour mixes. Love that nothing is a 'mistake', but becomes a layer, or a step on the way to something that works - this page was too bright for my liking to start with, and the distress ink thru a stencil was a bit much of a contrast. I washed over it with watered-down white acrylic paint - it made the distress ink blend through a bit, but this added to the softened look and now I really like this page (it's a soft purple in real life, less grey than it looks here).Hoping to do a bit more play on these pages over the weekend, but will also be devoting time to this book which I am already half-way through : another goodie from one of my fav authors.
Have a happy weekend everyone - don't forget the Red Cross Booksale if you're in Palmy North this weekend


Margaret said...

Love these!! I just bought some stencils after seeing Christy Tomlinson on You Tube, have you seen her?? if not then you must!!

Lynette (NZ) said...

Yes very inspiring. If someone else wants to see go here :

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