Saturday, May 21, 2011


Had fun for a few hours this week using this to make this for a friend's birthday. Really different to knit with but a quite cool effect. It's very soft. And last night a friend and I went to the alt.shift.craft show at Square EdgeSaw lots of gorgeous work - lots of "my kind of craft" . Couldn't pass up this lovely ring by the very talented Debrina and discovered Sabine who makes 'Hadpainted yarns and fibres for the adventurous crafter'. This 100% hand painted cotton is now in my possession It has the delicious name of Viper's Bugloss and has a beautiful sheen - read more about it here and check out her other fibres and yarn for sale.
Other cool stuff from this week :
Great idea from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer with trimmings from your quilts : make fabric ATCs or postcards....makes me want to make a quilt just so I can trim it!
Always love Michelle Ward's enthusiasm - this time she's had fun with embossing plates thru a pasta machine
In love with the pink card in this post from Jackie of Dog-Daisy Chains.
And I am really enjoying reading this : Hope you have a creative weekend.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Someone was knitting one of those cool scarves at Embroidery guild last year and I meant to get the pattern from her and make one - yours is gorgeous!
Love the fibre too so I'm off to check out that blog.
Thanks Lynette for the interesting links.
Come over for a visit I've just done a post too!!

Jacqui said...

Love your post today Lynette - as always - I have followed Michelle Ward for many years after reading about her in an early Somerset Studio and still love her work - True Colours is still one of my favourite publications and her pages are just wonderful. You always choose links that I either already have on my reader or add to it! I read Never Let Me Go recently - very good book

Debrina said...

Hi ya Lynette - love that ring, where did you get it from?? Lol! Oh and Sabine's yarns are just divine. But I never got to meet her and therefore can't hook you up with her on my Facebook as a result!

Debrina said...

PS. Just love that scarf you made - it's fricken awesome!!!

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