Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sharing the Love

Looking forward to a few jumpstarts to my creativity over the next few days : The new set of lessons for Dale's Holey Moley course start today- the theme for May/June is Words Words Words. I am hoping that I will be able to complete some 'pages' or other 'somethings' that may incorporate this new theme with the (so far uncompleted) pieces of fun I had during the Flower Power months.
Then it's onto quilting inspirations. On Saturday our local club has their annual ticketed event : Tote and Gloat. There are always tons of beautiful quilts to look at and be inspired by, as well as lots of tempting shopping stalls. I am really looking forward to hearing Yvonne Brown as our guest speaker this year, and I am very lucky to have got into a class with her as well. This beautiful piece made by Yvonne was featured in Quilting Arts magazine Issue 20 : Winter 2005I will be doing her Celtic Cut Workshop on Monday, and will share what happens there.
In the meantime, thought I would share the blogposts I most enjoyed seeing when I caught-up on the 2 weeks I had been away from my computer.

Patty Van Dorin has been making some lovely hand-stiched pages for a fabric book.
Cool sewn paper postcards made by iHanna.
Another beautiful post from Carolyn - I especially love her handstitched silk ribbons - and her post led me to an inspiring new-to-me blog : Textile Butterfly - Chris Gray
A beautiful piece made by Jackie of Dog-Daisy Chains - colour, movement and stich.
And if you want some reading recommendations you might enjoy these: Hope you have a happy weekend :-)

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