Thursday, May 19, 2011

New supplies

New supplies have been making me happy this week. Tote and Gloat was awesome (see my posts last week). As well as the inspirational quilts from those attending, Yvonne Brown was our speaker and she talked widely about her life and the path she has followed to get to now. She showed us many photos, and shared her new book with us - which of course I had to buy :If we purchased the book on the day, we were also able to pick a piece of her hand dyed felt. This is my bit- trying not to follow my usual colour choices. Intending to make something like this or this with it - instructions are in her book. And then there was the shopping....I don't really need to purchase more fabric, but I did need to buy some things to feed my mixed media 'habit'. As well as some useful bases (pelmet vilene and cotton duck) I also bought some pretty colouring items. A lovely set of shiva sticks And got a good deal on a set of new spray inks - they are from the Starburst Sprays range I decided that I wanted a colour reference for all my sprays, so have sprayed a set of tags with what I have now. Loving the shimmery iridescent colours and now I know what colours I am missing that I might need to add...I also bought some new stencils recently - these are from the crafters workshop range : Mini Arabesque Mini Cosmic swirl - through the stencil and then once sprayed I tipped the stencil over and pressed the remaining ink down to get the opposite image. Need to have more fun with these. If you want some inspiration or basic lessons on using sprays and stencils (with other goodies like molding paste and ordinary paint too) check out the video tutorials by Christy Tomlinson.
One more addition to supplies at my house - can't say they are something I have got very excited about, but now I am in my 40's (gah!) my eyesight needs a little help so these are my newest acquisition to help with reading and hand stitching. At least I only need cheapies from the chemist at this stage. Must say my eyes are not feeling so strained at night.


Caatje said...

Those stencils are just gorgeous. I want I want! ;-)

Katherine said...

Good to see how you've got the two patterns from one stencil......and I think I need the cosmic swirl stencil as well now!!

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