Sunday, January 3, 2021

Review of 2020 and continuing to SHINE in 2021

I've been exploring which word of the year best fits for 2021 with 
Susannah Conway's FREE offering. If you've been here a while, you'll know my word since 2017 has been SHINE, but in 2019 I tweaked it to focus on Ease, and last year I wanted to Shine with Intention. When I chose Intention, I knew I had been diagnosed with breast cancer although I hadn't shared it publicly. I wanted to be in control as much as possible and I was indeed intentional in the way I shared my diagnosis, asked for what I needed, and approached each step with optimism and gratitude for the successes. I spent time doing what I loved creatively, and accepted the support of others which was so generously given. 
As I look towards a new year, I want to continue being intentional, with an emphasis on releasing what no longer serves me so that I can return to living with ease. As is my habit, I've turned Shine into an acronym. It's fine with me that some intentions appear under more than one word. They are the really important ones.
S = Self-care 
Regularly spend time doing what I love : do what recharges me
Healthy eating + Gym habit = improved energy
Nourish body and soul
Explore Oracle/Tarot to strengthen my relationship with my inner self
H = Home
Reflection = improvements to habits
Light more candles
Release = clear out old belongings to create spaces that make me happy
Nourish = continue to explore new recipes
I = Intentional
Be present
Actively choose how I want to spend my time
Align my actions with my dreams
N = Notice
Embrace joy - seek it out - sit with it
Practice gratitude and love
Be present
Explore Oracle/Tarot to strengthen my relationship with my inner self 
E = Ease
A gentle approach - self-compassion
Following the path that feels good for me
Letting go of the unrealistic expectations I wouldn't hold for others
Going deeper, not wider = finding value in what I already have
2020 was a tough year for everyone. I continue to be grateful to live in New Zealand where our government moved swiftly so that we only experienced 46 days of full lockdown. I really hope the rest of the world can return to more normality as soon as possible. In my personal world, 2020 will always be about my fight with Breast Cancer. Art was a huge support. 
As I release the hard stuff of last year, I need to celebrate the main creative projects I achieved. 
I continued to work in my altered art journal. Begun in January 2019 I didn't expect it would take 2 years to fill but art journaling isn't all I do creatively....This is how it looked in January this year.
I filled it with lessons from Book of DaysA Year of Rumi, and Journal Jams and completed my last spread in September and the cover soon after. See all my 2020 pages in this journal HERE.
I decided to take on a Creating a book a month project. Although I didn't manage to complete every month, I am thrilled with my collection
And then I decided on a weekly project too! Journal 52 was created on a deck of jumbo playing cards including found words and stitch. Look back at the previous post for more details of this project - this is a peek at some of the cards.
I even managed to make quilts - so lucky to begin and end the year with weddings of close friends. In February
Can't wait to see what 2021 has in store for us creatively. I am ready and optimistic 💜


  1. What astoundingly beautiful accomplishments throughout this difficult year xx

  2. Nice to see your year's worth of work- lovely!

    1. Thanks. I always enjoy gathering them together.


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