Monday, January 6, 2020

Creating a book a month

As I thought about my creative intentions for the coming year, the 2 things I remained undecided about were whether to pick up a daily journaling practice again and what I could do for a mixed media fibre art monthly project. 
I considered re-joining the Life Documented group. This is the journal I created in 2017
The group is still very active and supportive, so if you want to develop a practice like this you could check out the FB group or their website which continues to offer weekly prompts. Also 2020 on Instagram.
Over the past week I've realised that what I would really LOVE to do more of is a small book format and I've decided to create a book a month!
I already have this class waiting for me
- so this will be my book for January. Will share my initial gatherings and thoughts about this project very soon.
I had already decided on a book for June when I completed my 2019 December Daily
''This journal format was so enjoyable, creating loose pages and then binding them together, and I was so inspired by this project that I am already thinking this would be fun to recreate in June - following the same prompts but with the focus on Winter and my birthday month.''
I also had a ball in 2017 creating small stitched books in Mary Ann Moss's wonderful online Stitch*Bookery class. Many of these I gave away or enjoyed so much I would love to create that format again
I've long thought of creating a fabric book and I was recently inspired by Nancy's blog post about Stitch Meditations. I know I often try things and after a short period want to move to another project so a fabric book for a month may be ideal.
If I should fall short of ideas/inspiration, remember I taught a class of Art Journal construction ideas and shared all those ideas in a blog post HERE.
And the extra bonus bit...all of these can incorporate stitch and fibre so also fulfils my other desire for a mixed media fibre art monthly project ♥
In 2012 I tried creating a book a month and I managed 6 journals.
January - Garden Tag Accordian
February - coptic binding
May - Tape holder book
June - binding online class samples into book format
July - taped journal
September- a huge journal from Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogies class
I wonder if I can manage more this year? I'm concentrating on small and gorgeous, mixed media and stitched. A couple may fill the need for a month of daily art journaling, but each will be a unique reflection of the month. I feel SO EXCITED to share my book creations with you over the next 12 months. Please share in the comments if you have any other ideas to inspire me for this project.


  1. Oh my, what a fun direction! Look forward to seeing your Book of Whispers along with your other journals. Aren't they just so satisfying to make? Like you, I plan to include my Stitch Meditation squares in some type of journal so they can be displayed all together. Have fun and keep sharing!

    1. So lucky we can share with each other across the other side of the world!

  2. A book a month! Wow, your ambition inspires me! Very exciting indeed - I might have to get back in my craft room LOL!


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