Friday, May 25, 2012

Tape book

One of the challenges I set myself this year was to create a book a month. Managed that for January and February. March was spent filling the book I created in February. April was school holidays, moving the studio, and preparing for the Tote & Gloat display. But I have managed to create a book this month.
I've had fun making my own "washi" tapes in the past and recently I was reinspired by Jennibellie to make more tape AND a book to hold it in.
These are the new tapes I made - coloured some with sprays and some with watercolours. All stamped designs this time - border stamps are brilliant for this kind of project
And they end up being stored inside the book like this.
My book started out as this box - great to recycle. 
Covered inside & out with papers. This is the inside before adding the pages
Here it is with pages inside
View of the spine showing binding
And wrapped to close.
Really enjoyed this project - fun to do and a useful end result.
A big thanks to Jennibellie who has so many inspiring ideas and is so generous in sharing her techniques.
Check out this post from Chykalophia for some ways to use washi tape that you maybe haven't thought of.


  1. This is so very cool - and another good reason to drink lots of fluffy coffees!

  2. Wonderful results on both the book & the washi tapes & you're welcome, always enjoy sharing ideas when I see such lovely things being made as a result, much love to you xxx

  3. that's an awesome project! i don't know which is more impressive: the handmake book or the handmake washi tape... i'll take both! and the coffee too, lol
    have a happy weekend :)

  4. What great links! I'm going to have to have a go at making some tape myself - and then of course you need a book to store it all in.

  5. Hi Lynette fantastic journal, love the recycled cover and your pages with your tapes, great idea.

  6. A lovely idea for a book, plus those tapes are wonderful.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment. I love your books and washi tapes, I might have a go at making some myself :)

  8. Fab! This might be nice for ribbons too.

  9. Very nice, it's a great excuse to go buy the coffee!! lol


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