Friday, May 18, 2012

Bits and pieces

Been wanting to get back to the inky file folder goodness of the online Mixed Media Mayhem workshop which I began last year. During the week I managed to pull out the folders I've created so far
re-watched an online lesson or 2 - cos you have access to the class forever :-) - and glued some of my underpapers onto the back of one of the folders to complete another side
Loving the serendipitous nature of the papers created. They create themselves by having newsprint under and around your art as you spray, and by pressing the leftover ink from stencils onto them as well.
This week I've been inspired in the bloggy world by ::
Jacqui's gorgeous junk journal
Elvie's tutorial on making paper flowers (out of wee hearts - sweet)
Paisley Fever from Jane LaFazio

Lovely to see progress with Jude's Magic Feather Project - she has a couple from me.
And I've newly discovered the blog of Helen Lehndorf - I know her in person, but didn't know about her blog. She writes wonderful poetry - check out her book here
Her blog is a wonderful mix of articulate writing, gardening, photographs, creative goodness, op-shoppy finds and textiles. I'm now totally inspired by Mattresses in Second Hand Shops and this fair looks great.
Hopefully there's something in this post to inspire you...have a creative weekend.


  1. these files look as yummi this time as they did last time i saw them, love all that is going on on them! off to discover the links :)

  2. Those backgrounds are so gorgeous ... I am trying to avoid online classes at the moment - everything takes so much time but the Mixed Mayhem does look interesting.

    I just clicked on your links (as I always do - they are always so good) and one of them was mine! Felt a bit strange really! but good too so thank you very much. Hope you have a good fun filled weekend.

  3. Lovely backgrounds, nice to go back to a project and see it afresh!
    Loved your links today, paisly was my fav, she has some gorgeous work on there! Mx

  4. Fantastic papers and love the colours.Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them. Must check out the links you have listed.
    x catherine

  5. The file folders are just gorgeous. All those layers. I want to see them up close (no, let's be honest, I want to rip them off the screen and keep them). ;-)

  6. love your folders! and thanks so much for the mention!


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