Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Play time

Went to my friend's yesterday for a play day. I'm wanting to do an indian-themed piece so with that in my head, we tried out a few new techniques that have left us all inspired & wanting to try more.
Had to use melted beeswax again - it smells so lovely and gives a special look to papers.
I rubbed metallic paint through a sweet wee henna hand stencil onto some Trade Aid Handmade paper, and the other is a piece of serviette glued to a tag.
This is the cool henna hands stencil from Crafters Workshop designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer that my friend has. Used it for the next experiment too.
I've always wanted to try pushing modeling paste through a stencil:
Like this look, LOVE the next one
-- the texture is yummy. The modeling paste needs to be painted and I'll show you where this piece ends up.
Maggie Grey is hugely talented and experimental. This book has the added bonus of free online classes if you buy the book!
One of those classes guided us through our last experiments of the day. We started with paper castings - another Maggie Grey technique which I shared with you here - which we glued to pelmet vilene.
Then we added gesso and sprinkled salt onto that
Followed by a slightly watered down mix of Quink Ink, and finally highlighted with metallic rub-ons
Very interesting that we used 2 different brands of modeling paste, and one yielded a bluer tone than the other. Check out another example of Maggie Grey's using quink ink over white emulsion paint here. Cool huh?
What have you been experimenting with lately?


  1. Pretty cool play day! love the modelling paste through the stencils :)

  2. All that texture is just yummy. I have tons of stencils, so I may try this at home. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful your blog. I walked through and see so many beautiful things. This henna hands I love these. never seen here in Holland this stencils. Beautifu; your modelling this.
    Lovely greet

  4. Wonderful results from your playday!! Love the modelling paste through the stencil, I've seen it pushed through lace and plastic doilies too, very coof effect! Mx

  5. I LOVE playing like this. Many of my ten years as an artist have been just trying out techniques. LOVE what you're doing. Keep showing us.


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