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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lovely books

I don't often buy books - working at the library gives me easy access to a fantastic variety, but lately I've had to succumb to some purchases.
This first is to feed my lettering habit.
Get a preview of what's inside here. As well as lettering it has great ideas for doodles including borders, flowers and other simple patterning ideas. It's good for me as a beginner doodler! Check out some of Joanne Fink's work here. She also has some great free video lessons and step by step drawing instructions here
This other purchase is going to be hugely useful for me
Here's a sneak preview inside at a couple of pages.
As you can see, many applications for quilting designs, stamp carving, doodling... you get the idea.
Highly recommended.
And my most recent fiction read was lovely - check it out at your library :-) 


Margaret said...

I love your book reviews! you find he coolest things! I'll check this out on Amazon Mx

Katherine said...

Thanks for the links to Joanne's lettering -inspiring!

Caatje said...

Thanks so much for showing this, I will put the flower and plant motifs book on my wishlist. It's exactly what I'm looking for.

Jacqui said...

We may be very 'bad' for each other - planning on ordering at least two of these books - maybe all three!

catherine said...

Wow I must check out these books as I love this sort of thing. thanks for the links. You look to be doing a good job with yours
x catherine

bohemiannie! art said...

Thanks for the book reviews. I've been wanting to take time to practice w fonts and script...and I'm thinking the fist book is on my USA list!

france charles said...

wow, looks like great sources of inspiration! imagine carving your own stamps using the second book as base. great idea to share those purchases, you're giving me ideas!

Wendy said...

Fantastic purchases Lynette. And I now know what you mean about the PN library! It was really lovely to meet you - see you again soon because I am now here permanently! ;)

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