Friday, February 17, 2012

Too many titles

I could have called this post Workshop Thursday : Coptic stitch, or Creating a book a month : February or Happy Feet or 30 Days of Lists in March!
Yesterday being "Workshop Thursday", I joined with a couple of friends to have a go at Coptic binding. Coptic binding allows your pages to lie completely flat when open, and gives a lovely visible effect on the spine.
Having someone show you how makes it easy. This is my book spine - the stitching isn't perfect, but happy for my first effort
Onto my personal challenge to create a book a month. I started by joining black & white pieces of paper together with glue and stitch.
They were then folded in half and bound into the cover above.
I bound in 7 folded pages, so including the 2 inside covers I have 30 pages....
which brings me to 30 Days of Lists in March.
Looks like fun - cheap to sign up to - and looks like lots of freedom to keep the lists any way you want....From last year check out Bonita Rose, Monika Wright, Krystyn, Collage Diva and My Life as a Teacup
These black and white pages will form my base, a list per page, but I'm sure you'll see some colour from me, and some stitch, and some lettering....I will post shots of individual pages before and after list as I go. Tune in on 1st March for that.
I intend to turn my completely blank cover into something lovely too so that will hopefully appear in a post in the not too distant future.
And we'd better end with my happy latest purchase ;-)
Okay - this post could also have had the title Black & White !!


Caatje said...

Ooh, I love all those black and white papers. congrats on your first coptic binding. I still have to try it. You shoes are cute.

Margaret said...

Looks amazing Lynette, black and white are so effective Really interesting binding technique too, I like the way the pages lie totally flat.
Cool shoes! Mx

carole brungar said...

loving your new shoes!!
I would love to learn how to do coptic binding, I'll be talking to you about that on Tuesday! LOL

Sam said...

Beautiful book, love the black and white pages. I have not tried copic stitch yet on a handmade journal the instructions in my book look so complicated! Looking forward to seeing what you do it x

Linda said...

The book looks intriguing...where did you find those amazing pages?
Thanks for the link; I may have a go ;-)

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