Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tags from the Garden Accordian Book

I shared about this book in January,
and promised I would share more about the tags.
I used a few different but quite simple techniques which I thought I would capture here for future reference.
Serviettes are an easy but pretty option -- I tend to put gel medium on the tag and then place the serviette down on top and smooth around to the back - don't worry too much about wrinkles
These were created using painted fusible - for other ideas see this post. The fusible was simply ironed onto the tag, and then I have glued on paper casts. These are some other examples of paper casts I've made on stamps, glass bowls, and indian wood blocks.
They are fun to do - I first discovered the technique from an article by Maggie Grey in a 2007 Cloth Paper scissors (still available digitally).
You use water soluble paper over stamps/wooden blocks/cast metal (this link is a simplified version of the technique) and I'm pretty sure I've had success also with toilet paper for this technique!
I also love my microwave flower press - the pansies on the left are applied with gel medium, and the one on the right was done with wax.  Have used sari ribbon stitched on tags as an embellishment and also on others as the ribbon top.
Always like to use old book pages and sheet music - these were sprayed with colour, and the tags simply made by gluing 2 pieces together and cutting the shapes after dry. Recycled postage stamps are also great fun additions
If you can find a collection of paint swatches they may be actually in a tag shape as these were...I always keep the paper doilies I spray through for future embellishment use.
Hope there's some ideas there for you to use.


Erilyn said...

They are all so lovely, Lynette!

Caatje said...

Lovely tags! I may try that paper casting sometime.

Marjie Kemper said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog... I just popped over to peek at yours and got lost in all your beautiful tag samples. Looks like you had a great time playing with your stash! I will look to try water soluble transfer some day soon. I saw someone recently do it with a thick stack of TP and it worked well for her too!

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