Friday, February 10, 2012

Loving Lettering

Workshop fun this week - Just completed Lesson 5 of Joanne Sharpe's Letter Love 101 - can't recommend the course highly enough...having fun, learning lots, and excited by my latest creation....wonder what I'll be able to do by the end of the course?!
Click on any picture for more detail
Initially in black and white
- in LOVE with my black PITT artist pens
Big Brush and Fine Tip
Some fav words
and plenty of room for swirls
and hearts and butterflies...and my words for 2012
I actually loved the page in black & white so you will probably see that featuring in another project soon :-)
But I did follow the lesson, and went ahead and added colour.
Joanne demoed Pan Pastels, and they looked great, but I already own these chalks.
They gave me a look I am happy with, and I don't really need to be adding to my supplies stash!
I will be doing more of this technique....
Check out some of my classmates :
Lori Bradford
and Kimmer's fab pen charts
And, of course, Joanne Sharpe - the teacher :-)


Katherine said...

This looks so cool! I'm a bit behind you with the lessons but this so inspires me to catch up!!!

Caatje said...

Lovely! And so joyful looking. I share your love for the pitt big brush. They are my absolute favorite markers.

Tessa said...

Beautiful writing!! Looks so cool.

xx Tessa

Fiona said...

Writing is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

looks fabulous - I LOVE your words! you are so clever xx Phil

Cuchy said...

Hi Lynette, and thank you so much for your words and comment on my work.
I'm quite behind the class, but I'm loving so far.
I love your black & white alphabet. How fun is this!!
See you in class :)

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